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Product updates
March 17, 2021

Product Updates v.3.51.0: restrictions for Channels, Front Desk improvements

Product Updates v.3.51.0: Front Desk, Cash Book and Registration Form improvements, restrictions for Channels - HotelFriend.

March 12, 2021

Google Makes Hotel Booking Links Free For Every Hotel

Now your property may appear twice on the same page: in the Hotel Ads slot and in a free listing. The organic links will be displayed right after the sponsored ones. Those who are interested in your offer will be redirected to your website to make a booking.

March 10, 2021

Active action on tackling climate change: The Paris Agreement, the “green premium” concept, and more

Resiliency and sustainability as the way forward in hospitality. The key outcomes from the Paris Agreement and the “green premium” concept, as well as tech solutions hoteliers may need for faster recovery.

March 4, 2021

The proof of safety in the age of vaccines

Will you need the COVID-19 vaccine certificates or other proof of vaccination to travel? Here’s what we know about the current rules and the status of vaccine passports or certificates.

Success Stories
March 1, 2021

HotelFriend AG is the finalist in the “Innovation2Company” competition!

We accepted the Sacher Hotel’s challenge for startups in the field of optimized accessibility & customer experience. And now we have been honored to be among the four most successful startups in this category.

Product updates
February 22, 2021

Product Updates v.3.50.0: improvements of Cash Books, Reports and Services

Keep track of the latest HotelFriend Product Updates v.3.50.0: improvements of Cash Books module, Reports and Services. Check out the details on everything new below.

February 18, 2021

Hospitality and travel trends for 2021 and beyond

In this article, we will look at some trends that will impact the hospitality and travel industry. Also, we’ll make some predictions for 2021 and beyond to help you anticipate any changes, and stay relevant.

Product updates
February 5, 2021

Product Updates v.3.49.0: new Cash Books module, editing of revenues and expenses

Product Updates v.3.49.0: a new Cash Books module, editing of revenues and expenses, new Filter for cash book entries, check opening and closing of the balance - HotelFriend

Product updates
January 22, 2021

Product Updates v.3.48.0: room details on mouse hover, new filters for rooms, new “Occupancy” widget

Product Updates v.3.48.0: added room details that will be displayed on mouse hover, new filters for rooms, new “Occupancy” widget - HotelFriend

Product updates
January 15, 2021

Product Updates v.3.47.0: new hotel dashboard, added COVID-19 widget setting

HotelFriend couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest product improvements and updates. Get ready for using the new hotel dashboard, COVID-19 widget setting, custom options, and much more! Find out what's new below.