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Hotel Management
December 16, 2021

Hoteliers’ choice: The best hotel software features of 2021

The top HotelFriend features that are revolutionizing how hotels operate in 2021: PMS with integrated Channel Manager and Booking Engine, Digital Payments, Mobile POS and Cloud TSS, Mobile App with check-in/out and Contactless Room Opening.

Hotel Management
October 8, 2021

Hospitality business: new strategic choices to make more profit

A six-part action plan which is aimed at building stronger relationships with customers to improve and manage performance during and after the crisis with HotelFriend advanced digital solutions.

Hotel Management
September 10, 2021

Virtual hotel: an opportunity for hoteliers to survive in times of crisis

Rather than being limited to the traditional face-to-face relationships, your hotel can become more integrated and connected, while the processes to be optimized and more organized.

Hotel Management
August 17, 2021

12 Must-Have Features of a Property Management System

The most important benefits, functions, and features of PMS — if you know them well, you can easily make the right choice and do your job as a hotel operator more efficiently and with more pleasure.

Hotel Management
July 16, 2021

MICE For Hoteliers: Importance, Challenges And How To Benefit From It

A deeper insight into the MICE industry and its nearest future. How to attract MICE travelers and gain more profit for your hotel? Is this sector still relevant during the pandemic? Let’s look into these and other related questions in more detail.

July 14, 2021

How to choose the right hotel software from reliable vendor. Proven HotelFriend solutions that work

We analyzed the most frequent requests we got and compiled a few HotelFriend solutions that solve urgent hotel problems to help you get clear insights about the challenges they face and expectations they set for the technology product function. We’re sure our insights will ease decision-making and make the software selection process simple for you.

June 15, 2021

Insights into ever-changing guest expectations and updated pandemic standards for hygiene

Hotel Management
May 20, 2021

Best accounting software solutions for your business

Best accounting software solutions for your business: invoicing and billing, payroll, reporting, bookkeeping - HotelFriend.

Hotel Management
May 14, 2021

Hotel POS systems to use in 2021. Choosing the best one for your hotel

There are many POS systems on the market. We have reviewed the most popular cash register systems in the hotel industry in 2021 to make your choice easier.

Hotel Management
April 26, 2021

12 Best Channel Managers for Hotels in 2021

Best Channel Managers for Hotels in 2021, comparison, their benefits and key features, useful tips for choosing the right onlinetool for your hotel.