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Hotel Management
April 13, 2021

Night audit at a hotel: bringing it all together

Hotel Management
March 31, 2021

GoBD-compliant electronic accounting with HotelFriend

There are many inexpensive products on the market that promise their customers to simplify hotel and restaurant management. When choosing the right system among all these options, you should make sure that it is the principles for electronic accounting (GoBD) compliant. HotelFriend explains how to do it below.

Hotel Management
March 18, 2021

A Hoteliers’ Guide to APIs

A Hoteliers’ Guide to API: what does it stand for in hotel management software; open vs proprietary API; how to choose the right one for your property system. HotelFriend's unique product offers an Ecosystem with no APIs.

Hotel Management
December 14, 2020

14 Must-Have Features of a Property Management System

The most important benefits, functions, and features of PMS — if you know them well, you can easily make the right choice and do your job as a hotel operator more efficiently and with more pleasure.

Hotel Management
October 15, 2020

Effective approaches to cut costs and boost productivity at your hotel

We’ll cover effective approaches and strategies to save costs without sacrificing productivity growth, efficiency, and the quality of services.

October 2, 2020

Major chains and small hotels: business recovery case studies, scenarios, and strategies

In this article, we’ll provide you with case studies and navigate through post-coronavirus scenarios and strategies that worked out for well-known and not-so-famous hotels.

Hotel Management
September 10, 2020

Total-Room-Inventory methodology: why is it so important in the post-COVID-19 times

Applying these two methodologies will give you the advantage of understanding both the market and your place in it.

August 14, 2020

How can Central Reservation System boost your hotel efficiency?

What is Central Reservation System in hospitality and what does it stand for? Here is how HotelFriend CRS could increase your revenue & guests’ satisfaction.

Hotel Management
July 24, 2020

Hotel Door Locks. How to choose the best one

Hotel locking systems: advantages and disadvantages, tips for choosing the right door lock system for your hotel - HotelFriend.

Hotel Management
June 9, 2020

Housekeeping and hotel cleaning in a new post-coronavirus world

Housekeeping and everyday work of the cleaning staff is like behind the scenes of hotel life. Efficient tips and tricks on how to improve housekeeping department from pros to meet ever-changing requirements and new post-coronavirus standards.