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Enjoy sales growth with multi channel opportunities by HotelFriend managed centrally

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HotelFriend Voucher

Save your time and resources, delegate us Vouchers creation and publishing in all our channels for you

  • Grow your business while we make special offers for you
  • Centralize control over vouchers
  • Pay only for actual sales, no fixed costs
HotelFriend Voucher

HotelFriend Voucher Manager

Create and sell attractive deals for your hotel is now faster than ever with HotelFriend Extranet! Make your guests more loyal and confident booking highly accepted deals

  • Work in cloud from any place at any time
  • Easy, fast and flexible deal creation
  • No low seasons with HotelFriend Voucher Manager
  • Advertise specific events, fests and new services to increase revenue
HotelFriend Voucher Manager

HotelFriend Arrangement Manager

Make direct booking of packages with specific dates managed online

  • Get more satisfied guests, more 5 star reviews, more new and recurrent clients
  • No overbookings, automated control
  • Direct deals booking with specific travel dates
HotelFriend Arrangement Manager