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Hotel automation

Automate routine daily operations and let your guests handle most of the tasks such as remote check-in, digital room access, ordering, and payment on their own.

Forget about tedious manual tasks

Offer fully mobile guest journey

Escape staff shortages with self-service

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Hotel automation
Get the key to operational efficiency
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Get the key to operational efficiency

Looking for a way to do more with less? In HotelFriend, we’ve found the solution!

Automate time-consuming tasks making your hotel stays smart and elevated with all-in-one hotel software. Relieve employees, speed up check-in and escape the worst of the current labor shortage.

Let your guest do the rest via a dedicated hotel App. Transform their smartphones into a real lifesaver that will help them make their arrival more enjoyable, order breakfast in bed, or pay for purchases on the go.

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That’s how it works

We are ready to automate most of your routine processes from booking confirmations to creating recurring tasks for staff and updating your room inventory. Our platform brings together all the best from the cutting-edge property management tech stack for independent hotels.

HotelFriend will provide you with an integrated set of tools that work together seamlessly like clockwork.

Hotel automation

Put your property in a winning position

Make your hotel operations run smoothly with HotelFriend

Let your channels manage themselves icon
Let your channels manage themselves

List all the benefits of your rooms, connect to the leading OTAs and sell your inventory on 200+ distribution channels. Tune into stress-free sales with automatic updates of price and content across all active platforms. Set up everything just once and enjoy your day free from tedious manual adjustments.

Let your channels manage themselves
Unlock the power of automated communication
Unlock the power of automated communication icon
Unlock the power of automated communication

Streamline guest communication at each stage of the guest’s stay. Customize confirmation and welcome emails to keep your clients in the loop about their booking or order status. Set up in-App reminders about upcoming events and create Booking Offers for your target clients.

Enable fast check-in without receptionists icon
Enable fast check-in without receptionists

Entice your guests to check in before arrival and skip the front desk. Let them fill in the registration form and sign it from their mobile phones whenever they like. If the guest has once been to the hotel, your team will already have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Enable fast check-in without receptionists
Adopt a digital key entry via the hotel App
Adopt a digital key entry via the hotel App icon
Adopt a digital key entry via the hotel App

Add value and convenience to your guest’s experience with smart room access. Send digital keys remotely and allow travelers to open rooms with their mobile phones. Become more environmentally friendly by giving up plastic cards and minimize contact between guests and staff.

Allow guests to self-serve from a smartphone icon
Allow guests to self-serve from a smartphone

Your guests can order food delivery and book various services in the dedicated App. Each new order automatically goes to the corresponding department. Optimized processes relieve strain on your staff, helping them to get the job done faster and not lose a single order.

Allow guests to self-serve from a smartphone
Turn recurring tasks into to-do lists
Turn recurring tasks into to-do lists icon
Turn recurring tasks into to-do lists

Our system will help you automate recurring task creation for your staff. When the guest makes an order, the accompanying tasks immediately appear on their daily to-do list. This way, if a guest books the conference room to conduct a meeting, your staff will be notified and assigned to clean up and prepare the equipment.

Generate invoices & get paid instantly icon
Generate invoices & get paid instantly

Grow your business with automated invoice generation. Convert estimates to invoices in seconds, email them to clients, and get paid online 2x faster. Embrace error-free billing and keep your brand up to the mark by providing quick and effective communication.

Generate invoices & get paid instantly

What you get

Fast operations icon

Fast operations

+ Minimal manual work

Simplify and streamline tasks related to booking, channel management, and order confirmation at the speed required for your fast-paced hotel environment.

Transparent communication icon

Transparent communication

+ Increased guest engagement

Gain visibility, accuracy, and consistency while communicating with your customers.

Full control icon

Full control

+ No paperwork hassle

Let your staff focus on more important tasks and get full control over all processes instead of wasting time on manual confirmations.

Optimized distribution icon

Optimized distribution

+ Real-time OTA synchronization

Automate distribution of your hotel rooms and effortlessly sell your inventory on major OTAs.

Guest self-service icon

Guest self-service

+ Digital-first attitude

Minimize effort at all stages of guest’s stay, giving your clients the freedom to cater to themselves with technology.

Business integrity icon

Business integrity

+ No need to hire reception staff

Manage multiple properties simultaneously from a centralized interface and painlessly deal with staff shortages.

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At Six - five star hotel in Stockholm, Sweden
Customer about the product

We really enjoy this product. Overall this is a great and reliable platform that supports a lot of integrations. It helps us to automate the main processes in our aparthotel and minimizes back-office procedures. Now we can easily handle multiple tasks at once.

At Six - five star hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

Fair Pricing

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

What do I pay for?
We will assess the current performance of your business and speed up the workflow at your hotel with our solutions. Many processes that previously had to be performed manually will no longer require your intervention. All of this you get for a fixed monthly price. This flat rate includes all applicable fees, tools, advice, and services.
Thus, you pay for software that partially replaces a technical director, marketing department, accountant, and receptionist: everything that helps you to retain guests and generate more sales with less workload.
How do I switch from my old system to HotelFriend?
You can export data from your old system and import it into the HotelFriend system by adjusting the necessary settings with the help of HotelFriend employees.
Can I fully automate my hotel operations and run a staffless hotel with HotelFriend?
Of course, you can! We will help you to automate your daily operations and each step of the guest stay from arrival to check-out. Here is what we offer:
  • - Arrive with HotelFriend: benefit from a classic check-in, a fast check-in, a contactless check-in via an app, a remote check-in via tablet, and offer your guests digital room keys;
  • - Stay with HotelFriend: use the guest directory, upsell services, talk via chat in real-time, offer a custom app and assign guest statuses;
  • - Manage business customers with HotelFriend: receive group bookings, set company rates, use Paymaster option, and manage rooms;
  • - Work with HotelFriend: streamline the workflow of your housekeeping team, hotel departments, and benefit from room planning, tasks for services, and reports;
  • - Depart with HotelFriend: manage your hotel accounting, payments, and introduce fast check-out;
  • - Come back again with HotelFriend: increase guest retention with birthday emails, discounts, and action codes, as well as commission-free sales via the booking engine.
With a PMS and Channel Manager, process automation is critical to provide the guest with great experiences on the one hand and to ensure that no rework is required for us on the other. Is this possible with your system or are there areas where an employee needs to be active?
HotelFriend automates most hotel processes. Of course, there are a few actions that have to be taken manually but generally the system automates everything. For example, you may introduce the prices once and then the prices will be sent automatically to the channel manager, as well as to our channels. On the other hand, if you make a manual booking, you will obviously be responsible to introduce that information.
Can you guarantee that your solution matches the specifics of my business?
Yes, we will provide you with a set of tools that match your specific needs – whether you own a hotel, an aparthotel, or B&B. We will give you all the necessary instruments and grant a central interface to manage your property. Our integration partnerships ensure the highest degree of digitization (for example, Salto KS electronic door locks provider and Stripe payment processing solution). Thus, we guarantee an individual approach to the needs of our clients.
Is this solution safe for me and my guests?
We work in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so your personal data and the data of your guests are reliably protected. In addition, the guest's credit card details will be encrypted to ensure that they are protected from any possible fraud. Guests will also be able to pay for any service using Apple Pay and Google Pay through the app if you link your Stripe account.
How to get started with the Concierge application?
To get started with an app, you should first click on the Concierge module on the left side menu. In the main tab, fill in the data fields with the Wi-Fi name and password. If necessary, you can click on the “+” button and add the data of additional access points.
In the Fast check-in / check-out block, you can allow guests to make a fast check-in on their own by letting them submit their personal data, attach photos of the documents, and leave a signature in the app. To enable your guests to pay for orders, you need to turn on the online payment system in the PMS. Please, check out this help page for more detailed information.
Is it possible to show the first and last name of the person in charge of our property in the automated emails?
Yes, it is! First, you need to specify the employee as a Representative in the employee settings. Further, in the Greetings section of the Email Templates settings, please, use the following expression in curly braces: {name} {last_name}.
Which payment system will be used for fast payment?
We integrate with Stripe – a convenient payment system, which can securely receive and process payments online. Connecting Stripe to HotelFriend is a cinch, you just have to follow these instructions.

HotelFriend Features

Hotel Management


Department Management

Employee Management

Room Management

Hotel Dashboard


Maintenance Management

Mobile Hotel Live Chat

Operations Outsourcing

Task Management

Finance & Payment

Accounting and Document

Payment Management

Reporting System

Booking Balance

Digital Cash Book

Revenue Management

Room Rates

Service Management

Guest Relations

Guest Management

Booking Request, Offer

Self Check-In

Guest Communications

Communication Automation

Digital Marketing

Hotel Website Development

Destination Management

Deal, Package Composer

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