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Guest Communication Automation

Automate communication to connect and engage with your guests. No more time-consuming confirmation calls, notification or email writing and sending. Everything is smooth and easy.

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Let every process flow in your hotel. Get automated to boost efficiency.

Automated booking confirmation emails. After the hotel manager adds a booking to the Front Desk, the guest gets an automatic booking confirmation email.

Automated order confirmation. After changing the order status to ”Confirmed”, the system sends an automatic email to the guest.

Automated guest notifications. The guests receive push notifications about all order status changes.

Individual requests for automation. It is possible to customize automation, tailored to hotel’s needs. All you have to do is to click on the Custom Rule button and write to our support.

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Take the opportunity to always stay connected to your guests.

Engage with your customers

You can gain visibility, accuracy, and consistency while communicating with your customers.

Engage with your customer
Speed up confirmation processing

You can simplify and streamline tedious tasks related to booking and order confirmation at the speed required for your fast-paced hotel business.

Speed up confirmation processing
Eliminate customer uncertainty

You can resolve all the discrepancies associated with booking and order placing and confirmations.

Eliminate customer uncertainty
Allow hotel staff to focus on handling value-added tasks

Your staff can focus on more important tasks and have full control over all the processes, instead of wasting time on manual confirmations.

Allow hotel staff to focus on handling value-added tasks

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