Facilitation of reservation

Central Reservation System

Cutting-edge hotel reservation software that synchronizes online distribution channels and lets you manage all of the bookings from one place, really fast and easy. The system has features like seasonal prices, cancellations policy, meals and children rates. All of that minimizes reservation administration risks or even allows to get rid of overbookings.

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The Importance of CRS

Central reservation system (CRS) is indispensable software for hotels and every fast-developing accommodation facility, aimed at maximal customer engagement and reservation management in a single system. By automatizing a large portion of tasks, you make the best use of available work resources, time, and budget.

Moreover, the real picture of the marketing situation in the hotel enables you to expose fallacies and develop new sales policies. Not to mention the fact that keeping in step with the times (which means using new-generation programs) is a necessary condition for hoteliers who want their business to grow.


How it works

An advanced cloud-based property management system is integral to every modern hotel’s performance. With the help of PMS the entire daily workload can be compartmentalized, priorities — set, staff’s tasks — made easy, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Its modular as well as open construction is able to meet the demands of both small businesses and hotel chains, allowing hoteliers to implement and customize it according to their needs easily. Our customer support specialists will give you their undivided attention so that the system works seamlessly and effectively. Its features include naming just a few:

Channel Manager

Increases bookings and accelerates online presence.

Firstly, it connects to the PMS and automatically distributes relevant information on room inventory and rates to an unlimited number of booking websites and OTAs in real time.

Secondly, it continuously updates this data across online distribution channels almost instantly.

Channel Manager
Booking Button

Booking Button

Makes the booking process on your own website fast and easy, which will turn the visits of even the most demanding customers into direct bookings.

It’s a neatly designed button on your hotel’s homepage, encouraging your future guests to not only make a reservation but order various services to boot.

A couple of clicks will do the job.

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Concierge App

Concierge App

An innovative offer for hoteliers and their guests, matching the challenges of the new hospitality era.

With this app, every hotel manager is able to boost the service rate and quality by digitalizing the provision of services.

Your property’s full potential will be plainly visible right on the smartphone screens of the customers.

Deal Manager

Brings the upselling of services to a new level.

Our platform affords ground for creating your own package deals or vouchers with the assistance of our experts.

All you have to do is handpick a few services and combine them with an overnight stay, then set an attractive price to sell on our Marketplace or even directly on the hotel’s website. With such an innovative and client-friendly approach your hotel will surely be on everybody’s lips.

Deal Manager

Benefits of HotelFriend CRS


Economy of time, money and resources

Effective communication with guests & staff

Realization of the hotel’s full potential


Free mobile app on App Store & Play Market

Significant online presence

New marketing strategies

Revenue Flow

More bookings

New ways of selling services

Improved guest experience & loyalty


Sell all your rooms online on 200+ channels with one quota and pricing

Channel Manager

Booking Button

Concierge App

Deal Manager

Reservation Form (Fast Check-In)

Daily Reports

Employees Management

Web Hotel info

Central Reservation System covers hoteliers’ major problems, like overbooking issue, and realization of the hotel’s untapped capacity by bringing essential processes across channels and platforms.

Choose a plan that fits both your short- and long-term goals and start getting benefits from the system shortly.

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yearly payment discount 20

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