Central Reservation System

Synchronize online distribution channels and manage all of the bookings from one place fast and easily. Minimize reservation administration risks, eliminate overbookings, and maintain accounting accuracy.

  • Handle multichannel bookings from tens of platforms
  • Track cancellations and other changes to bookings
  • Plan to-do's and distribute tasks among your staff
  • Keep your accounting GDPR-compliant
  • Process online payments
Hotel Reservations from different sources
The Importance of CRS

The Importance of CRS

Maximize customer engagement and reservation management, automate operations in a single system. Manage the highs and lows of demand with seasonal prices, cancellations policy, meals, and children rates. Promote sales and get fast and accurate information on room availability, prices, products, and service bookings.

  • Get the real picture of the marketing situation to expose fallacies and develop new sales policies.
  • Handle phone booking inquiries and provide your potential and existing clients with relevant information via email swiftly.
  • Keep in step with the times by using new-generation programs to grow your hotel business.
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How does it work?

To benefit from using the system, customers should create an account in our Concierge Mobile App, then find the right hotel, choose a room, and book it through their smartphone.

The booking appears in the calendar. All that is left for you is to confirm or reject the reservation, clarify some details, and sent a welcome message to the guest through direct chat. All data for check-in are already in the system. The information will be saved for future hotel stays.

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Channel Manager to expand reach and visibility online

Receive bookings from 200+ OTAs in one system and advertise your property with no extra effort. 3 connections are included, most frequently chosen Booking, Expedia, Airbnb.

Our Channel Manager connects to the PMS and automatically distributes relevant information on room inventory and rates to an unlimited number of booking websites and OTAs in real-time. It continuously updates this data across online distribution channels almost instantly with two-way synchronization. Any errors avoided.

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Channel Manager
Booking Engine to increase direct bookings

Booking Engine to increase direct bookings

Make the booking process on your website fast and easy, turning visitors into paying customers. Our Booking Engine centralizes all guest plans and desires within one platform and allows them to check available rooms in a special calendar, book accommodation just in several clicks, and order additional services or vacation package offers in advance. In the My Trips section, guests can see all their orders, both submitted, upcoming, and canceled.

Meanwhile, you can display all the necessary information and details about your hotel, choose colors of the page, links, and a booking button, change the design at any time.

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Booking Offer to interact with prospective customers who want to book your rooms

Send a detailed booking offer to your potential guests’ email within minutes after they hang up. To describe a few alternatives, you can send several offers in one letter to choose from. Our system allows to automatically change the status of the selected room(s) to "Booking Offer" for three days to avoid multiple reservations.

Take advantage of the booking offer as a powerful marketing tool to propose more affordable prices during the low season, reward your guests with a loyalty discount, introduce corporate packages, etc.

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Booking offer
Task Management for enhanced staff collaboration

Task Management for enhanced staff collaboration

Empower your hotel staff to collaborate across various properties and departments, get full control over the operations. The Module helps organize hotel workflows, assign tasks for the staff in the convenient calendar.

You can send reminders and notify employees about new chores via emails, deliver a superior customer experience with the “Assign task to order” option that allows to add a task to a specific order.

Maintenance and repairs have never been so easy as now you can track issues in real-time, distribute tasks, set deadlines to help your team stay focused on what matters most.

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Guest Management to map out the customer journey

Deliver excellent customer service and get more bookings and positive reviews. The Module helps manage the clientele much easier as you have all the necessary information about your guests in full view, starting from personal and contact information, to their expenses, debts, email, allergies, meal preferences, former orders, and much more.

Get access to the informative guests’ grid with filters and guest statuses. Shorten lines at the reception as all the data is at your disposal. Housekeeping list, Meals list, and Check-in/Check-out reports can help you make smarter decisions.

Guest Management to map out the customer journey


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Billing & Accounting to automate routine bookkeeping processes

Billing & Accounting to automate routine bookkeeping processes

Simplify the billing process and make it faster and more secure. The System allows to streamline the process of invoice creation, payment, or reporting to focus fully on your guests.

No more spreadsheets or invoice template websites! All the data are stored in the cloud and protected with encryption. Now you can receive payments in cash, vouchers, or online transactions via PayPal, Stripe, American Express, Visa, or MasterCard, as well as add custom payment methods – you name it!

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Digital Cash Book to keep accounting organized

Record cash receipts, find any transaction, and review the history of cash flow for a certain month, day, or week, as well as reduce the chances of frauds and discrepancies.

HotelFriend Cash Book becomes the core of your accounting as you can benefit from tax deductions and eliminate the chances of being audited. It will provide you with an overview of your opening and closing balance and help you create and access any statement. The Cash Book is designed to ensure compliance with the law.

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Digital Cash Book to keep accounting organized
Deals and Packages Composer to brings the services upselling to a new level

Deals and Packages Composer to brings the services upselling to a new level

Skyrocket your service extra sales by offering your guests not only rooms but also services and attractive deals. Our platform affords ground for creating your own packages or vouchers. All you have to do is handpick a few services and combine them with the stay, then set an attractive price to sell on our Marketplace or directly on the hotel’s website.

Enjoy revenue growth and monitor the dynamics of your active and purchased deals thanks to sales statistics in the system. Send notification to the guest after purchase, create deals, manage payments. Promotions made easy.

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Concierge Mobile App to meet the challenges of the new normal

Let your guests book hotel rooms, services, deals, change delivery details, check-in and -out faster, and communicate with the staff through Direct chat without personal contact.

Everything your guests might need is now in their pocket. They don’t have to touch any tablet or paper, just use their own smartphone. Cost-effective and affordable option to keep the distance and maintain hygiene measures.

In the meantime, you get an overview of all the orders in real-time, track their fulfillment time, and current statuses. No missed orders and delivery issues.

Reduce operations thanks to well-organized processes, view statistics and reports for assessing financial performance.

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Concierge Mobile App to meet the challenges of the new normal

Benefits of the CRS

«The automated system we like to work with allows us not only to get more reservations from our website and from OTAs, assign tasks for staff, and control repairs but also sell extra services and tour packages. Love how easy we can manage all bookings. Great Cash Book that helped us a lot in keeping our accounting and finances in order.»

Tariq Hotel Boutique

Cusco, Peru

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The company specializes in R & D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

Is it possible to track where my bookings are coming from using HotelFriend?
Yes, you can easily track your booking sources through the Guest Source widget on the dashboard. This provides a complete overview of your booking sources, allowing you to optimize your business strategy over time. You can receive reservations from both your website and OTAs, as the PMS is a complete product that goes with both a Booking Engine and Channel Manager.
Is it possible to add orders to a reservation?
Yes, you can add orders to a reservation either through the Orders module or directly on the guest's booking card. Our detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here.
What payment gateway does HotelFriend support?
We support Stripe as our payment gateway, which allows you to conveniently receive and process online payments. To learn how to connect Stripe to your HotelFriend account, please refer to our step-by-step instructions here..
Can I create a group reservation in HotelFriend?
Yes, you can create group reservations using modules such as Front Desk or Reservations, or by accessing the Groups tab in the Reservations module. For detailed instructions on how to create a group reservation, please refer to this link.
Is it possible to process refunds through the system?
Absolutely! With HotelFriend PMS, you can easily issue refunds. Just head over to the "Accounting" module, click on the three dots next to the invoice record, and select "Refund". You can issue a full or partial refund as needed. Alternatively, you can also process refunds directly from the reservation card.
Is it possible to create promo codes?
Yes, you can easily set up promo codes for your guests in the Companies tab of the Guests module. Simply open the company card and enter the desired code in the “Promo code for Booking Engine” field. For a step-by-step guide on how to set up promo codes, please refer to this link.
How do I move the data from my old system to HotelFriend PMS?
Our customer care agents can assist you in transferring some of the most critical data to the HotelFriend PMS. Please note that a fee applies for this kind of system setup service.
Do you provide support?
Yes, we do. If you have any questions or issues, you can always send us a ticket right from your HotelFriend account or write to our support team at support@hotelfriend.com. Our customer care agents will be happy to help you. Mind that all applications are processed within 24 hours on weekdays.
Do you provide training?
Yes, we provide training sessions upon request. Please contact our support team to schedule a training session. Note that a fee applies for this kind of service.