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Frequently asked Questions


HotelFriend F.A.Q.


HotelFriend F.A.Q.

I got access to the system but can’t work in it because the account needs to be configured for our accommodation. How to start the settings?
If you have chosen a product for managing the rooms of the accommodation, you need to configure basic information, set up Room Types and Rooms as well as Room Rate. Once you have set up the information, you can work in the system.
I am trying to add rooms, but the system notifies that the limit has been reached. What should I do?
This means that you have exceeded the limit of rooms indicated in the chosen product and tariff plan. Please contact Support, they will check the information and, upon your request, increase the limit of rooms.
How can I create a reservation for a company? Is it possible to automatically import the reservation list into the system?
To create a reservation for a company, you should enter the company data in the Guests module in the Company tab. Once you have saved the company data, you should move on to the booking method convenient for you. In the guest type, drag and drop the Company Guest and the company from the drop-down list. The reservation creation process is similar.
Can I use the same tariff plan for several channels?
Yes, you can. When editing the Room Rate in the Source field, pull up the sources where you need to place this tariff plan. In case you need to display the tariff plan on any OTA system, you should select Channel Manager.
How do I synchronize my OTA systems with HotelFriend?
If your tariff plan includes the Channel Manager module, contact your account manager or write to Support. HotelFriend staff will help you synchronize and, prior to it, check if your account is prepared for the synchronization process.
How can I accept payments and keep information in the system? Can I specify a deferred payment?
You can connect the Stripe payment system, as HotelFriend provides integration with it. Once you have connected the payment system, you can enter the guest's credit card information into the reservation card. Sure, by observing all security and confidentiality conditions, these cards will be tokenized. Besides, when receiving payment from a guest through the Stripe system, the information in the reservation card will be displayed automatically. You can also connect a POS terminal and add payments to the system as soon as you accept payment by credit card. If you accept payment in cash, you should add a payment to the system using the Add Payment function.
I made a refund, but the status of the account is displayed as “Paid”. What I'm doing wrong?
To make a refund on a specific account, you should use the action menu, which is opposite the account. If a payment has been made on the invoice, the “Refund” function will be displayed in the action menu opposite the invoice. The refund to the account is the same as a refund without indicating the account. After making a refund, the account status will be displayed “Canceled”, and the amount paid will be 0. Besides, the system generates a document confirming the return “Cancellation invoice” with the “Refunded” status.
Can I generate discounts?
You can sell additional services of the accommodation indicating the cost at a discount. To set up a discount for the service, follow the instructions. Besides, HotelFriend provides Deal Composer. With the Deals module, you can configure package offers that include accommodation + additional services at a bargain price. This module allows you to significantly increase sales, as guests learn more about the additional services of the hotel. You can sell package offers for both specific dates and uncertain dates as a Voucher.
Do I need to set up a separate account for Booking Button?
No, you just need to select the sections that you want to place on your site and the color palette of the buttons that will suit the site style of the accommodation. After you copy the code generated by the system and install it on your website, the information will be transferred to the website from the HotelFriend system. The Booking Engine module provides step-by-step instructions.
Can I create reminders in the system?
Yes, you can use the Maintenance module and create reminders for various tasks not only for you but also for colleagues. In addition, you can communicate with employees in the general chat.
Does HotelFriend provide limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, Hotelfriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees. For example, you like the Housekeeping module, but you do not want to provide full access to the system to your housekeepers. The accommodation administrator can create access for employees of the housekeeper positions. In this case, housekeepers will have access only to the housekeeping Maintenance module. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for employees.
There are a lot of modules in the system, and it is not convenient for our employees to go to settings in order to create tasks or reminders for themselves and their colleagues. How can we make this process easier?
There is no need to look for these tabs in the list of modules, as your employees can easily create a task in the Dashboard. After all, our Dashboard is divided into sections, so you just need to click on the + button in the required section and create a task/reminder by filling in the fields with data.
If a guest asks to duplicate a service order for each day of their stay, is it necessary to create a new order every day?
This is not necessary, as when creating an order, you can select the per day option in the unit field, and the system will automatically duplicate the order for each day of stay according to the guest's booking.
Service tax and tip tax are different in our region. Is it right that the system is usually displaying the same tax for tips that was specified in the order?
Tip tax can be set separately in general settings. You can specify several types of taxes for tips and set as default the type of tax that is used most often. Also, if there is no tax on tips in your region, you can set it at a rate of 0.
Is it possible to add the first and last name of the person in charge of our property in the automated emails?
Yes, it is. First, you need to specify the employee as a Representative in the employee settings. Further, in the Email Templates settings in the Greetings section, use the expression in curly braces {name} {last_name}.