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Haus Bad Schlematal Hotel und Restaurant

"Reduced hotel maintenance costs by 120% with an all inclusive PMS"

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Niche Guesthouse

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Tree House Bungalow

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Frequently asked Questions


HotelFriend F.A.Q.


HotelFriend F.A.Q.

I've gained access to the system, but I'm unable to work in it because the account hasn't been configured for our accommodation. How do I begin setting it up?
To start using HotelFriend PMS, you need to configure basic information and set up Room Types, Rooms, and Room Rates. Once you've completed this setup, you'll be able to use the system.
I'm trying to add rooms to the system, but it says that the limit has been reached. What should I do?
If you receive a notification that you have reached the limit of rooms allowed in your current product and tariff plan, you should contact HotelFriend Support. They will verify your account information and, upon your request, increase the room limit.
How do I create a reservation for a company?
You can add company reservations and specify important booking parameters in the Front Desk or Reservations section. For step-by-step instructions on adding a company reservation, please refer to this guide.
Can I apply the same tariff plan across multiple channels?
Certainly! When editing the room rate, you can select the sources where you want to apply this tariff plan in the "Source" field. If you want to display the tariff plan on OTAs, just choose "Channel Manager" here.
How can I synchronize my OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS?
To synchronize your OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS, simply contact our support team and request assistance with connecting OTA channels. Our experts will verify if your account is ready for synchronization and help you connect all the necessary channels to the system.
Can I accept payments and securely store credit card details in the HotelFriend system?
You can connect HotelFriend with the Stripe payment system to accept online payments. Once connected, your guest's credit card information will be tokenized and processed securely.
I processed a refund, but the invoice status still shows as "Paid". What did I do wrong?
To properly refund an invoice, you can use the action menu (marked by three dots) within the invoice record in the "Accounting" module. If the invoice was paid, the "Refund" option will be available in that menu. After you have successfully processed the refund, the invoice status will change to "Canceled" and the paid amount will be set to 0. In addition, the system will generate a "Cancellation Invoice" with the "Refunded" status to confirm the refund.
Can discounts be set up in the system?
Yes, you can apply a discount to a booking when creating an invoice. Simply follow these detailed step-by-step instructions.
Do I need a separate account for the Booking Engine?
No, you just need to set up a Booking Engine by clicking on the Booking Engine module in the left-side menu. In case there is no such module in the menu, contact our support at More detailed information on how to set up a Booking Engine is given here.
Can I create task reminders in the system?
Absolutely. You can create task reminders in the system using the Task module. This feature enables you to set reminders for daily tasks for you and your team. Additionally, you can set a reminder for a message in the employee chat by clicking on the bell icon near that message.
Does HotelFriend offer limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, HotelFriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees based on their position. For example, if you want to provide access to the Housekeeping module but not the entire system for your housekeepers, the accommodation administrator can create access for employees in the housekeeper position. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for their employees.
Do I need to create a new service order every day if a guest asked me to duplicate the order for each day of their stay?
No, it is not necessary to create a new service order every day. When creating an order, you can simply select the "per day" option in the Unit field, and the system will automatically duplicate the order for each day of the guest's stay. This ensures that the guest receives the service for the duration of their booking without the need for manual duplication.
In our region, the service tax and tip tax have different rates. Is it normal for the system to display the same tax rate for tips and for the order?
By default, the system may display the same tax rate for tips and for orders. However, you can customize the tip tax rate separately in Settings > General. You can add multiple tax types for tips and set the most commonly used one as the default. If there is no tax on tips in your region, you can set it to 0%.
Can we show the first and last names of the person in charge of our property in automated emails?
Yes, it is possible to display the first and last names of the person in charge of your property in automated emails. First, you must designate the employee as a "Representative" in Settings > Employees. Then, in Settings > Communication Settings > Email Templates, you can add their first and last names at the end of an email template. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team at