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Department Management for strong results

Establish a smooth operation of your hotel departments and ensure perfect service delivery. Organize employees and coordinate daily affairs with zero micromanagement.

Set operating times of the departments

Schedule your staff’s shifts

Delegate tasks via direct chat

Provide exceptional concierge services

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Department Management
Maintain your standards of excellence
Maintain your standards of excellence icon

Maintain your standards of excellence

Department managers usually have a lot on their plates. They need to oversee all operations and day-to-day activities of each department to run the hotel as one unit.

Our software allows you to effectively manage your workflow without the need to call staff or switch between platforms. Your employees will be able to quickly contact guests and instantly meet their requests.

Whether your guest wants to book a spa treatment or order breakfast delivery, it can all be done via one software. Make the impression last and prompt customers to come back for more!

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

Department Management functionality allows managers to centrally monitor departments’ workload, service delivery, and guest’s payments.

After logging in to the system, you will see a chronologically structured list of ordered services and their details.

You can arrange the delivery of orders and change their status. Instant notifications will inform staff about new orders just in time. Customize waiting times, prices, or discounts to boost sales and prompt customers to come back again.

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Streamline internal operations and planning

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automate hotel's departments and services

ensure smooth service delivery

Control departments’ workload centrally icon

Control departments’ workload centrally

Whether it’s a beauty salon, a reception, or any wellness facility that your property boasts, you will always have a good grip of their performance. Add multiple departments, set opening times, and manage daily financial reporting – everything from one place.

Control departments’ workload centrally
Organize your team effectively
Organize your team effectively icon

Organize your team effectively

Specify opening times for each department, schedule staff shifts, and keep in touch via live chat. This will help your team to stay in the know of their current tasks and duties, improving the overall daily workflow.

Define departmental services & activities icon

Define departmental services & activities

We have an extensive database of services at the ready – you can add them to a respective department in one click. You can also create custom services manually or adjust any of our templates up to your liking.

Define departmental services & activities
Get the exact delivery time and place
Get the exact delivery time and place icon

Get the exact delivery time and place

Specify delivery zones to plan and perform service delivery according to the guest's location. Put your customers’ comfort first and reap the benefits of a personalized approach to their needs.

Stay ahead of your competition

Develop your own pricing strategy and increase your revenue potential

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Communicate directly with guests & staff icon

Communicate directly with guests & staff

Let your guests engage in real-time conversations with hotel staff via Guest App. They will be able to tell you about any special requirements for services. Win their undivided loyalty with a faultless service.

Communicate directly with guests & staff

What you get

Prompt service icon

Prompt service

+ Maximum profitability for each room

Receive instant notifications for new incoming orders and impress guests with the speed of delivery.

Excellent performance icon

Excellent performance

+ Coordinated work of your hotel team

Unleash the full potential of your team by organizing their daily routine in a smart way.

Mobile availability icon

Mobile availability

+ White-label Concierge App

Personalize your guests' experience to its best by putting them in control of their stay.

Automated workflow icon

Automated workflow

+ Quick software setup

Save your precious time by automating communication between departments.

Daily reporting icon

Daily reporting

+ Instant access to hotel analytics

Easily generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports for accurate analysis and planning.

Clear overview icon

Clear overview

+ Orders organized in a calendar or list

Do not miss a single order and view them in the most convenient way.

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At Six - five star hotel in Stockholm, Sweden
Customer about the product

It wasn’t easy to organize the coordinated work of different departments, but HotelFriend helped us a lot. We were able to establish communication via live chat, and when a new order comes in, the right employees are notified instantly. It’s also very convenient that we can view all the department stats on the dashboard.

At Six - five star hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

I want to add a new department to the system. How can I do this?
If you need to add a new department to the system, please go to the settings and click the Add department button. After that, you will need to specify the name of the department. To translate it into other languages, click Translate to all and check whether the translation is correct.
In the fields below, you can specify the working hours of departments, set the Changeover time, and activate the Delivery option. For more details, please, check out this help page.
What should I do to set the working hours for departments?
To set the working hours for departments, you need to edit the information in the "open from" and "closed at" columns in settings.
The specified work schedule of the department can be applied for each day of the week by clicking on the button under the "all days" column, or on each day of the week separately, by clicking on the button under the "Status" column. When activated, the button color will change to green.
I want to check the department statistics for a certain period. What should I do?
On the Dashboard, you can check the department statistics for the current day, week, and month by clicking the corresponding buttons. In the Department statistics section, you will see the name of the department, the number of ordered services, and the total sum of your earnings. If you need more information, please, check out this video tutorial.
Is it possible to create task reminders in the system?
Yes, you can use the Maintenance module and create reminders for various tasks not only for you but also for colleagues. In addition, you can communicate with employees in the general chat.
Can I generate discounts?
You can sell additional services of the accommodation indicating the cost at a discount. To set up a discount for the service, please, follow these instructions .
Besides, HotelFriend has a convenient Deal Composer. With the Deals module, you can customize package offers that include accommodation + additional services at an attractive price. This module allows you to significantly increase sales, as guests learn more about the additional services of the hotel. You can sell package offers for both specific dates and uncertain dates as a Voucher.
Does HotelFriend provide limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, Hotelfriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees. For example, you choose the Housekeeping module, but you do not want to provide full access to the system to your housekeepers. The administrator can create special access for employees of the housekeeping department. In this case, housekeepers will have access only to the housekeeping module. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for employees.

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