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Digital Cash Book for smart accounting

Cash Books is a tool for day-to-day bookkeeping, designed for hoteliers just like you. If you need help in monitoring fee income or want to know how well your hotel is performing, our software will back you up. Record cash receipts, find any transaction in a sec and forget about dozens of Excel spreadsheets.

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Digital Cash Book
Why do you need it?

Cash Book is the core of your accounting system. Here you can track your income and expenses. It is both a journal and a ledger account that helps you to see how much profit your property is making.

What can you achieve?
  • Benefit from tax deductions.
  • Reduce your chances of being audited.
  • Get an overview of your opening and closing balance.
  • Streamline your budget and forecast strategies.
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How does it work?

Making entries in the digital Cash Book is similar to recording payments in a paper book. You add info about the transaction, including date, time, billing reason, VAT, and the program shows you a current cash balance. If the cash payment was made in the system, it will be added automatically.

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Save your time with presets

Making entries takes less of your time with presets. There is no need to add accounts or billing reasons manually again and again, as you can simply go with a template.

Create and access any statement in seconds

Stay one-step-ahead in your accounting processes with convenient search and filters. You can quickly find any transaction and review the history of cash flow for a certain month, day, or week.

Create and access any statement in seconds


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Manage everything on a single platform

Avoid jumps between programs and spreadsheets – unify all operations in one place. Improve your workflow with instant access to all data about your income, maintenance expenses, security deposits, and more.

Focus more on customer experience

All the calculations will be performed by a computer, giving you more time to focus on guest satisfaction. Thus, digital Cash Book allows you to maximize revenue by concentrating on the work that you really like.

Forget about pen and papers
Forget about pen and papers

Some small business owners prefer manual cash accounting, as it is cheap and simple. However, an automated system is less time-consuming, protects you from errors in estimates, and can store a large amount of data.

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