All-in-one hotel software leasing

Powerful hotel system to deliver the best possible guest experience:

- Booking tool for your website & integrated channel manager

- Check-in, guest directory, service sales and chat - contactless via app

- Management of outlets, services & tasks

- Digital Point of Sale - orders and payment by smartphone

- Support, setup, and training included!

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495* Euro
* plus VAT, monthly leasing rate
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For desktop, tablet and smartphone
Hotel Management Software
Channel Manager
Booking Engine
Mobile App
Essential software products - All-inclusive package for hotels

Expand your access to finance immediately and without an initial investment.

The leasing offer from AGL Activ Services GmbH was specially tailored to the hotel industry - as individual as hotelier’s needs.
Test the HotelFriend software for up to 30 days without any obligation before the contract is concluded.

How HotelFriend will save you money

AGL Activ Services GmbH makes it possible to finance the sustainable digitization of your hotel business.

- Fixed monthly leasing rate of 495 Euro
- Tax-deductible
- Updates, maintenance, and support included
- No compromises on service
- 0 Euro deposit
- No extra costs for installation and setup
- The solid financing by our partner

For whom leasing suits the best

Leasing is generally suitable for hotels with 40+rooms or a planned investment volume of € 15,000.* HotelFriend also offers special conditions for:

- Small and medium hotels
- Boutique hotels
- B & Bs, Apartments
- Hostels
- Bars & restaurants

* The liquidity burden is minimized to the level of the respective rate on the number of rooms. Regardless of sales or the number of employees.

full licensed Hotel Management Software

How to get full licensed Hotel Management Software

Start testing HotelFriend software for free for 30 days
Take part in demo webinars and training for free
Check the creditworthiness for leasing
Receive a positive decision and sign a contract
Switch from a test to a full-licensed version
Use a full-licensed version for free for two months as a “Corona bonus”
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4 pillars of HotelFriend

4 pillars of HotelFriend

Build your hotel’s solid foundation thanks to our expertise and profound knowledge of the hospitality sector.

Eliminate the uncertainty of tough times to achieve your goals and reach new heights.

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Hotel software with 10+ built-in smart solutions

From managing your rooms and departments anytime, anywhere to online distribution, rate management, and more, your entire 360° ecosystem of hospitality.

  • Multi-Property Management System with unlimited number of rates and room categories
  • Central Reservation System with easy and quick maintenance of rates, availability, and restrictions
  • Customer Relationship Management with guest & company management
  • Order Management System with department & service management including digital orders with payments
  • Maintenance Management module with chats, digital checklists, and notifications
  • Statistics & Reports with statistical overviews and summary reports of all bookings, payments, cancellations, including guest reports and cleaning priority
hotel software
Channel Manager
channel manager icon
Integrated Channel Manager with 200+ OTAs connection available

Manage an unlimited number of online sales channels effectively, simultaneously, and see changes happen in real-time.

  • Completely automated online sales processes integrated into the hotel software
  • Single interface for OTA connection request with live activity status
  • Rate management with seasonal prices
  • Real time quota synchronization
BB icon
Online Booking System with 0% commission

Centralize all guest plans and desires within one platform, enhance website visitors to book directly, and prioritize extra selling within the reservation process.

  • Commission-free direct booking via your own website
  • Booking process individually adapted to your design
  • Extensive arrangement and voucher management with online sales option
  • Different payment methods with secured transactions
  • Region & excursion destinations description in your Booking Button
  • Automated and individually configurable emails
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
new BB
Mobile Guest App
Mobile app icon
Mobile app with 12+ features for your guests

From check-in and -out, service or food ordering to immediate payments and direct chat with the staff, increase your sales by taking your guests’ digital experience to the next level.

  • Contactless ordering and payment
  • Guestbook - digital guest directory
  • Direct guest chat & communication via messages
  • Priority, digital check-in & check-out with mobile phone
  • Digital menu
  • Mobile POS
  • Extras when you book a room

What you get with HotelFriend All-in-one Solution

Own booking button

Own booking button to get more direct online bookings with 0% commission

+ Save on OTAs: they charge between 15% and 30% fee per booking
+ Eliminate the hotel’s brand dilution as OTAs bid on hotels’ name in the Google SEO environment.

Own website with a booking button for direct bookings via your own online presence. Market your hotel business and avoid paying OTAs commission.

Online sales

Online sales from all over the Internet

200+ OTAs in one system, including, Airbnb, HRS Das - Hotelportal, Expedia, and more.

Sales channels (OTAs) are controlled automatically by the integrated channel manager - overbooking and errors are eliminated.

Cloud-based hotel software

Cloud-based hotel software

+ Manage your hotel on the go with 24*7 access

+ No expensive software updates and license fees

+ Real-time monitoring

+ Increased security and productivity

Entrepreneurs and employees can work decentralized and remotely from their own devices.

Service orders

Service orders via the app

+ Increase your hotel’s profit

+ Make it easier to know and order your services

+ Earn even more with deals promotion

Let your guests order meals, drinks, or services and paid contactless by using their own mobile devices - all from a single source!

One provider

One provider, one contact person, one product

+ German servers

+ All in-house: no paid APIs and updates

+ Cross-platform compatibility

German product with German support, professional, and always available.

What you get

What you get on the free trial version

+ Full hotel software package

+ Software package delivery

+ Needs analysis

+ Individual approach

+ Facility

+ Training

We covered everything you need to maximize the smooth experience of using HotelFriend.

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Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)
Customer about the product

Software lives from its users. Progressive, future-oriented solutions arise from ever new requirements that come up in practice.

We save fees of several thousand euros per year and I would say we also save significantly more working time with the product - I would say almost up to 70% compared to how it used to be.

Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)

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Leasing package F.A.Q.

Leasing package F.A.Q.

How can leasing preserve your company's liquidity?

The company's liquidity is retained as you don't have to pay the full project price in advance. It is important today to secure liquidity over the long term to emerge from the corona crisis essentially unscathed. Processing via a leasing contract preserves your company's liquidity because as a customer you do not have to make advance payments. Moreover, the leasing contracts are not set off against the credit commitment of the house bank. Bank-side collateral remains unaffected. This ensures you the greatest possible liquidity for your daily business.

For example:

A common long term project work costs you around 20.000 Euro or more. With leasing, you'll get it all for only 495 Euro per month.

Is there a residual value risk?
No, plus flexibility completely preserved. Your advantage is that you can flexibly exchange individual leasing modules during the entire contract period and thus stay up to date with the latest technology at all times with constant costs, especially with short software cycles. Hotel software has a regular depreciation of 5 years. Shorter terms are also possible with leasing, in which you can claim the leasing rates as operating expenses!
Are you eligible for a tax deduction?
Leasing installments are fully tax-deductible as operating expenses. Therefore, it does not affect the balance sheet. Leasing improves the appearance of the balance sheet and the problem of depreciation is eliminated.
Are there any risks of wear and tear?
All future product updates and API upgrades are included. As the IT sector is growing at a lightning-fast pace, it might be difficult for hoteliers to keep up with emerging trends. Thanks to HotelFriend, the #1 provider of software for the travel and hospitality sectors, you will be able to use the cutting-edge hotel software and cultivate the fresh perspective needed to outpace competitors.
Are there any additional fees?
Services that arise up to full commissioning can be fully integrated without restriction. In this way, you do not have to pay any additional items within a project and the processing effort for you is significantly reduced.
All costs are included in the rate. There are no processing fees or other costs to you. This transparency ensures that you have a clear calculation basis over the entire term.
In the case of multi-property, is it one leasing for all properties or separate leasing for each property?
One leasing for all properties. We sign a contract, and then you pay one project price for all hotels, divided into monthly lease payments.
With 40+ rooms, does the price increase with the number of rooms?
No. The price depends on the amount of the project, or otherwise, the default price of 495 Euro is used.
What happens after 42 months? When does the leasing contract expire?
The contract shall automatically renew for one additional year unless the notice of termination is given. The contract can be renewed without any limitation. Once the contract has expired, you have months to collect data.
Is it possible to terminate the contract?
Yes, to the end of each contract period. Usually this is 42 months. Further information can be found in the general leasing conditions of AGL Activ Services GmbH.
My hotel is not located in Germany. Can I still benefit from the leasing offer?
Yes, if your company is registered in Germany or has a branch in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Is it more profitable for me to choose the Enterprise solution for properties with 30 rooms for 479 Euro?
For small properties, yes. However, if you use a solution without leasing cost, you should pay the whole amount straight away. In the case of leasing, you pay only 495 Euro. Plus, design work, customization, and related improvements included. Also, leasing already goes together with such expensive products as white label and door lock system, as well as extended support (equivalent to 2000 Euros), staff training, and webinars.
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HotelFriend AG

HotelFriend is a global IT company and provider of business software with offices across Europe.

The company specializes in R & D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

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AGL Activ Services GmbH - reliable leasing partner

AGL Activ Services GmbH is a family-run, bank, and manufacturer-independent leasing company with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. Above all, it sets the service aspect as a core product and central anchor.

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