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Managing and customizing reservations has never been easier thanks to the comfortable search, smart filters, and user-friendly interface.

Visualize the real picture of your hotel’s occupancy. Get an overview of all your Front Desk operations, including room type availability, rates, and more in a clearly laid out calendar.

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Reservation management
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Why is it necessary

Use Reservation Management Software to manage a heavy load of organizational tasks easily:

- Automate and simplify all your hotel processes.
- Save plenty of time and effort while searching for a booking or creating one.
- Keep track of reservations from any device.
- Offer your guests what they expect faster by using filters and changing statuses with ease.

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How does it work?

HotelFriend Reservation Management System can be a lifesaver through the guest life cycle in the hotel as all traditional processes are organized in a new, convenient, and digital way:

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Get more control over the booking process

You can change dates by drag-and-dropping reservations in the calendar, extend or reduce the guest stay in your hotel, add individual or group booking, check-in, view housekeeping status, chat, and more - everything with just a click.

control the booking process
room details on hover
room details on hover icon
Hover the mouse cursor to learn all the room details

You can see pictures, room number and its type, floor, area, capacity, housekeeping status, facilities, and more on mouse hover.

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Reduce the searching time thanks to useful filters for rooms

You can pick up rooms by Booking options, Room types, Housekeeping, and Facilities. For example, select a room with a city view.

useful filters for rooms
Change of statuses
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Change statuses any time

Your staff can stay connected at all times, check the booking statuses, fulfill multiple tasks, as well as begin the new ones without making an unnecessary fuss.

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Take advantage of information display by color and labels

Whether it is a room status or condition code like Out of Service, self-check-in, and booking offer, you can find everything easily and quickly.

information display by color and labels

What you get

Easy planning

Easy planning

You can plan the hotel’s workload months ahead. Whether a room is occupied, ready for check-in, clean, dirty, or out of service - Front Desk will let your property’s departments know everything in time.

Quick edit

Quick edit

Drag and drop the booking to where it belongs. You can also move a reservation to the left or right to end it earlier or to extend it respectively. It’s that simple.

Smart search

Smart search

Find any reservation, guest, or room in an instant. What is more, you can filter bookings by their statuses, such as New or Confirmed ones, Due In/Out, Checked In/Out, as well as Booking Offers.

Reservation management

Reservation management

A well-organized list of reservations with time of creation, the booking source, guests' ordered services and payment history, etc. Also, you can exchange messages with customers.

Smooth workflow

Smooth workflow

Track quotas and reservations, create bookings in different ways. When you enter new guests, they are automatically added to the system.

Cross-channel management

Cross-channel management

Any change you make in Front Desk requires only a couple of clicks and takes effect in the PMS and on your website. What’s more, with Channel Manager, all updates are automatically synchronized across all online distribution channels in one sweep.


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