The Landhotel Gafringwirt's Journey to Sustainability with HotelFriend

Property Type

Hotel & Inn


Mostviertel, Austria

The project launch

October 2022

Landhotel Gafringwirt

About Landhotel Gafringwirt

Landhotel Gafringwirt is a family-owned hotel nestled in the serene natural surroundings of Lower Austria's Mostviertel region. It stands as a traditional inn and a cozy country hotel amidst beautiful local orchards.

The hotel offers 17 welcoming guest rooms, a seminar room, and a modern meeting space. Set away from urban noise and commotion, the Hochholzer’s place is an ideal retreat for training, seminars, and outdoor enthusiasts. The hotel's kitchens delight guests with exquisite Mostviertel regional dishes crafted from locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

While paying tribute to tradition, the owners also keep up with the latest technology. They manifest their commitment to sustainability through innovative initiatives like an E-fuelling station and renewable energy sources. Seeking to enhance operations and make their property even greener, the family partnered with HotelFriend.

Challenges Faced by Landhotel Gafringwirt

Despite being a successful project, Landhotel Gafringwirt faced several challenges common to the hospitality industry:

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

Recognizing Landhotel Gafringwirt's unique requirements, HotelFriend introduced a suite of solutions that solve the majority of their problems:

  • Property Management System (PMS)

    HotelFriend's PMS empowered the hotel with streamlined operations, eliminating overbooking issues and ensuring smooth guest management. The modern interface and intuitive functionalities enriched the hotel's guest service.

  • Booking Engine

    The custom-built booking engine provides guests the convenience of booking directly online, eliminating the need for waiting or requesting responses. It helped to increase efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

  • Channel Manager

    With HotelFriend's Channel Manager, Landhotel Gafringwirt efficiently managed various booking channels, minimizing manual efforts and maximizing visibility across platforms.

Landhotel Gafringwirt, room

Integrations Featured

Additionally, the owners aimed to integrate Salto KS for keyless room access via a Concierge App, enabling guests to use their smartphones as room keys. HotelFriend readily fulfilled this integration request, adding a layer of convenience for guests.

Results Achieved

The collaboration between Landhotel Gafringwirt and HotelFriend has brought about a remarkable transformation in the hotel's operations:

«Our family is really happy with the solution as the new PMS helps us save a lot of time and resources. We are all glad that we chose your All-in-One PMS.»

F&B Manager of Landhotel Gafringwirt

Johann Hochholzer