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The Guestbook Application comes with a small CMS which will streamline your hotel’s visibility on the web.

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importance of Front Desk Everything you offer will be shown to customers

Everything you offer will be shown to customers in a manner you like: information about the area as well as transportation options, first impressions of your hotel, the Wi-Fi password, emergency contact numbers, evacuation plans, events of the hotel, departments and opening hours, the hotel’s restaurant menu, room service menu, space for your advertisers, and more. Here you can provide information to whatever you want. Create and edit the first impression of your hotel via our hotel management system.

Why is it necessary Why is it necessary

Usually, it takes us only a few minutes to make a decision on whether to book an accommodation or not. To get attention from potential guests, hoteliers need to “serve” information in the right way: provide photos from different shooting angles and a description of the hotel, its services, facilities, amenities, infrastructure close by, etc. By paying close attention to these details, you will manage to attract more visitors. With the “Guestbook” option by HotelFriend, travelers have all the necessary information about the hotel in one place, and you can show your business to the best advantage without much effort.


How does it work in our system

Our Mobile App Portfolio will help you to organize the information chaos. You can create an unlimited number of Info blocks which will contain Info pages. As an example, there is a “Beach activities” Info block with many Info pages dedicated to particular activities.

While creating those blocks, you can add images, additional materials in PDF format, links, and a short description. It is possible to translate your text to different languages supported by Google Translate.

In other words: all you need to create an extensive resume of the hotel is internet access and some good photos. Anytime and without any third parties, you can edit/delete information and change statuses (active/inactive) if some services or activities aren’t currently available.

The same Portfolio of your hotel will appear on the web as well as in the app.

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Mobile Portfolio

Your own ready-to-use CMS with the same information on the web and in the Hotel Guestbook Mobile App.

Reduced costs

Reduced telecom, IT, paper, and POS costs.

Multilingual translations without additional costs.

Easy Info Management

Carte blanche to managing information in the app and on the web.


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Create, edit, and improve your hotel basic info easily with HotelFriend Guestbook Mobile App. Keep up with hospitality trends and be a powerful competitor.

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