A perfectly designed SaaS solution for hospitality providers. Unprecedented convenience when ordering services and instant processing of payments in an elegant app.

Concierge App - guest facing revenue solution for service sales
Hotel Concierge App - Digital Ordering

Digital Ordering

  • Creating the app service menu by selection from a huge catalog
  • Booking and ordering via the client’s smartphone
  • Selectable delivery zone. The service comes wherever the client desires
  • Selectable delivery time. No delays, no waiting time, no nerve-wracking
  • Virtual mobile POS - payments are made through the client's smartphone with ApplePay or credit card
  • Payments are instantly processed by the system, no extra hardware is needed
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Revenue Booster

  • Higher sales through visibility and accessibility
  • Cost-effectiveness - monthly subscription, no hardware costs
  • Reduced operations thanks to well-organized processes
  • Selectable delivery time. No delays, no waiting time, no nerve-wracking
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations - lower advertising expenses
  • No training and maintenance costs
  • Statistics and reports for assessing financial performance
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Digital Concierge - Revenue Booster
Concierge Software - Hospitality Process Optimizer

Hospitality Process Optimizer

  • Order Management: an overview of all the orders in real-time, tracking their fulfillment time and current status
  • Instant alterations if necessary
  • Immaculate organization of internal tasks and processes: orders go to the right department
  • No missed orders
  • Logging of all operations in the system
  • Full transparency
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  • Easy communication with staff through the Direct chat
  • Comprehensive order history
  • Notifications on the changes in service status
  • Possibility to order without registration
  • Possibility to choose the exact time and delivery zone
  • Multilingual/multicurrency
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Concierge Assistant - Communication
Self-Service Concierge Assistant App

Self-Service Assistant

  • Better user experience and higher accuracy when clients make bookings and orders on their own
  • Automation - discounts and the preferred currency are applied automatically to all purchases
  • Independent and flexible payments without paper bills
  • Much better accessibility and visibility of services thanks to QR codes on Digital Menu and social media, which results in a boost of upsells
  • Possibility to choose the exact time and delivery zone
  • Exclusive mobile deals and incentives as promotion of the app use
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Unique Fast-Check-in Technology

  • Mobile check-in - photo of documents can be submitted through the app before arrival
  • Hotel stay management - possibility to extend/shorten the stay in the app, make changes to orders - add or remove particular parts of it
  • Independent and flexible payments without paper bills
  • Calendar view of all bookings and orders in My Trips
  • A smart choice of location with Hotel Maps
  • All Invoices are formed and stored in the system
  • A real-time overview of all travel expenses
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Mobile Concierge App with Fast-Check-in Technology
Digital Information System

Digital Information System

  • Adding any data that might be interesting to clients - info blocks and info pages - in Mobile Portfolio
  • Convenient CMS for showcasing everything on offer, updating and modifying it easily
  • Automatic translation of content into multiple languages without any extra costs
  • Space for advertizers
  • Synchronization of digital app content with the website
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