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Room Management

A hotel's heart lies in its rooms and this integral part of our system will keep it beating. It doesn’t matter how vast your property’s room inventory is. HotelFriend has thought ahead about each detail in order to offer you a means of managing every room type, from standard single room to presidential suite.

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The importance of Room Management

One of the first steps towards the digitalization of your hotel is to set up the available room categories and rooms in the Property Management System. In doing so, you form a clear view of hotel capacity, centralize it in a single place and therefore optimize its usage. By creating or customizing the types of rooms and specifying all the important data about them, you are able to put your hotel’s inventory in a favorable light and attract more clients. Eye-pleasing design, impressive photos, and SEO optimized descriptions will make sure of it.


How it Works

A clear view of hotel's capacity in a single place

Set up the available room categories and numbers

Specify all data about them to attract more clients

What you get

Hotel Room Management Software is an ultimate time saver and a magnet for guests as well.

Сomprehensive room information

Fill in the simple form which includes location, area, bed characteristics, maximum occupancy, the maximum number of adults and children plus a host of other parameters. Neither you nor your customers will have a need for more details; the tool has it all.

Сomprehensive room information
All thinkable amenities

You will also find an abundant list of facilities with nifty-looking icons in the room settings. Just mark the relevant checkboxes of the amenities featured in the room or room type. They range from view and accessibility to electrical appliances and outdoor conveniences - you name it.

All thinkable amenities
Strong presentation

The next steps in the direction of effective room management are to upload the photos and to type in the description of the room/room type. Choose from over 100 languages to automatically translate the text, and you’re all set to present your house in the best possible way.

Strong presentation
Agile moderation

Moreover, the tool allows you to create multiple rooms of a specific type at once as well as change their sale status (Active/Not Active) at the touch of a button. Finding a suitable room for your guest won’t take more time, than a couple of clicks ever again. No worries, all provisions have been already made for you.

Agile moderation
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Easy Operation

multiple room type handling;

quick room search.

Quick Response

all needed room statuses;

detailed room parameters.


attractive photos & descriptions;

multiple language support.

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