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Organize the hotel business processes in cloud-based PMS. Manage your reservations, rates, taxes, billing, reports, check-ins/checkouts, and many more.

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Cloud-based PMS software from HotelFriend provides full automation for your hotel with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality. Addressing the demand for a simple yet efficient all-in-one solution that hotel needs, we put your comfort first. From the booking request to invoicing — Front Desk, Reports, Department Manager, Billing and Payments and more at your service.


What kind of property do you manage?

HotelFriend offers its clients a comprehensive, preconfigured, and ready for immediate use solution to exclusively manage all types of properties ranging from small hotels and B&B to large hotels, apartments, and restaurants.

Whether it is the initial idea to adopt and maintain tailor-made software or to provide out-of-the-box services in the hotel industry, made by a single developer, HotelFriend products have the power and flexibility to help hoteliers throughout all the processes.

How does it work

Old processes in a new way

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hotel can manage

hotel can manage

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hotel can manage

Front Desk

Front Desk

Channel Manager

With this tool, hoteliers can more effectively manage an unlimited number of online sales channels simultaneously in real time.

Channel Manager allows users to place information on all popular OTA systems, saving time and resources. It protects the hotelier from Overbooking as well as from irrelevant information on prices and packages.

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Channel Manager
Reservation Management

Reservation Management

Unlike other cloud property management systems, HotelFriend allows hotelier to manage not only reservations but also services.

Room Management

Customize the types of rooms, specify the location, add facilities, change the status of the sale and much more.

When creating a room type, it is possible to specify all the information about the room: area, accommodation, type, and the number of beds, arrange the amenities in the room, upload photos, create the necessary number of rooms according to their type.

Room Management
Rate Management

Rate Management

Set various options for the existing pricing policy for accommodation with or without the type of food.

Room Rates tool and its additional modules allow hotelier to add all possible tariff plans by offering the guest a variety of accommodation options.

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Department Management

Automated administration system allows managing departments user settings. After order was placed, the notification will inform about the service status change. Department managers can operate and change reservation status and monitor guests’ comments.

All incoming orders are prioritized by the status and urgency that enables prompt service processing. SPA center or a conference hall hourly rent can be managed from one system.

Service Management

Service Management

Full-fledged functionality for placing information and increasing the number of reservation services of various departments. Let your guests enjoy all the extras with services. Notify users of all facility services provided using the HotelFriend mobile app. Allow your customers to be mobile.

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Guest Management

Keep track of your guests and save all the necessary information about them, including personal and passport data, as well as contact information. This is especially convenient for regular guests since you do not have to enter their data into the system from scratch.

Guest Management
Deal Management

Deal Management

Unique deal constructor, which helps to sell all hotel services and sell rooms online by creating special packages for the guests. Combine everything to a thematic arrangement and attract the holidaymakers looking for favorable offers.

A user-friendly and efficient tool for deal generating and sale with the possibility of the customized arrangement designing. Increased income and all services in one place combined with best activities and relaxing options.

Become your guest's favorite hotel Our next-generation Property Management System is modular, so you pay only for the features you really need.
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Advantages of reservation management

What you get with HotelFriend PMS

Instant Setup

It takes less than 20 minutes to set PMS for work.Start adding information about your guests, making invoices and process payments right now.

Intuitive Interface

We have developed a solution for the hotels that it easy and convenient to work with it. Beautiful interface, accessible menu — all actions are performed with just a few clicks.

Control Everything

Event control is an important element of business and is indispensable for every hotelier. You will receive notifications about all actions to respond to them promptly.

Tailored Customization

Our open HotelFriend API allows you to integrate instruments and systems you need. Thus, there is no need to discard familiar tools, just add them to your cloud PMS.

Work on any device

Our Property Management Software operates in a cloud and is compatible with absolutely any operating system and device. You only need internet access.

DEHOGA Expertise

"This product is a game changer!"
— Frank Doepelheuer

"As a former DEHOGA President and Honorary President of DEHOGA, I am first of all a consultant and a member of the Supervisory Board of this great and innovative product that will definitely revolutionize the entire hotel industry."

Denis Severyuk

CEO HotelFriend

Frank Doepelheuer

former DEHOGA President


Single- and multi- Property Management Software for excellence in guest experience

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Reservation Management

Room Management

Rate Management

Guest Management

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Organize the hotel business processes, manage reservations, services, room rates, reports, check-ins and checkouts with HotelFriend's cloud-based Property Management System.

HotelFriend offers broad functionality tailored to meet the specific needs of the hotel.

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