Hotel reservation management

HotelFriend reservations tool enables fast and easy management of all the processes concerning guest accomodation at the hotel. Real-time booking overview with the intuitive front-desk.

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Hotel Reservation Management

Why is it necessary?

HotelFriend software for hotels includes managing of the room and deal booking processes, check-ins, check-outs, group and company reservation made through the web marketplace or mobile app.

Our hotel reservation management tool allows to handle all the operations online in few simple steps with the automatically updated information for better efficiency. With the hotel room administration option the receptionist can get an overview of the hotel occupancy as well as to optimize check-ins and check-outs.

How does it work in our system?

Add new bookings on your own or manage the direct bookings from the website on the reservation board, where you can view all details, confirm or cancel them. Provide the best possible accommodation for each guest and be always aware of all incoming check-ins and check-outs. Find any reservation in the front-desk due to numerous filters and sorting options and add orders, payments and create invoices for it whenever you need.

Hotel Reservation Management



Customized room administration that allows to:

  • find available rooms for chosen dates in a short time
  • relocate guests quickly, if necessary


All relevant hotel management tools are combined:

  • centralized availability
  • digitized invoicing and booking processes
  • easily configurable rate plans
  • efficient order, service and payment coordination


Automatic notification about:

  • the room status change for the housemaid service
  • in real-time room, services and deals bookings from the confirmed user

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