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A comprehensive VIP experience - the whole hotel in your guests' pocket with HotelFriend Concierge App. Full hotel overview, fast check-in, instant service orders with easy payment and detailed reports - the process is intuitive, ultra-convenient and saves oceans of time.

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What is it for

The winning combo of personalization and automation works to make both guests' happiness and profitability grow. Even more: our Mobile POS technology allows you to reach non-guests to sell services and turn your hotel brand into a household name.

How to encourage clients to use the app?

Place a QR code with a download link in social media, on your website, at your property, everywhere your potential and existing clients can see it. Offer a discount if they book rooms and services through the app. Celebrate guest loyalty and much higher revenues.


How to start the engine

1. Set-up a hotel in the System - it takes minimum time.
2. Add information about your property, rooms, and services using the platform - an extensive database where all elements, from text to pictures, can be customized to reflect your brand identity.
3. Get free automatic translation powered by Google Translate.
4. Set up Service Management Module.
5. Import services from our library with thousands of options.
6. Create deals and bundles for even higher sales.
7. Customize your services with nice pictures and catchy description texts if necessary.

8. Generate a Services PDF with QR codes and place them on leaflets, posters or social media for maximum visibility.
9. Guests download the mobile app through a QR code.
10. Guests scan QR codes of services and order with a few clicks.
11. Billing and payment is made in the app without POS terminals.
12. Orders go directly to the department and can be processed easily.
13. Statistics and reports are effortless to retrieve in different formats.

Seamless guest experience with online orders

guest can order

hotel can manage

Deals in full view

Opening the app, guests see different deal categories for any taste and budget on the main page: top deals, short breaks, family travels, city tours, romantic trips, etc. You can compose package offers by yourself and appear in all these categories.

Calendar with orders

After the purchase was made, guests can view all their bookings and orders, manage them (cancel, edit), and get directions to the hotel in My Trips. We also offer a convenient format for displaying orders: they are shown in a kind of calendar, so clients can easily plan their day. App users can track their ordered services in this calendar and check their status at the moment. If the hotelier changes it, guests receive push notifications.

Featured services

Modern people literally keep hold of their smartphones, and you can benefit from this situation. With HotelFriend Concierge, you can set a discount on some services only for app users. In this way, you will get an opportunity to boost your clientele, upsell extra services, and get additional income.

Hotel stay

Arriving at the hotel, guests say their booking number at the reception and get the keys to their room. Leaving the hotel, they have to pay for all ordered services via the app. That is how the client will see all stages of traveling.

Guests Round-the-clock Comfort Assistant. Business Revenue Optimizer Provide excellent service and unforgettable travel experience with HotelFriend.
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No missed orders

No missed orders

All orders go directly to departments.


No physical POS

No other soft- or hardware needed to serve guests.

No lines

No lines

Guests check-in/checkout within several minutes.

Personal “universal soldier” on a trip

Compatible with Windows/MAC OS

Mobile operations systems iOS/Android.

Planning options

Planning options

Services can be ordered in advance from anywhere.

Easy Payment

Easy Payment

Let the guest pay the way he is used to.


Guest Concierge Mobile App
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With Hotel Concierge App guests can book hotel rooms, services, and deals, change delivery details, make fast check-in and -out and chat with the staff directly. Bring your travel experience to a new, digital level!

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