HotelFriend Helps Das HÖFCHEN Eliminate Overbookings and Improve Direct Sales by 20%

Property Type



Stadecken-Elsheim, Germany

The project launch

July 2021

HotelFriend Helps Das HÖFCHEN


Das HÖFCHEN is a charming family-owned hotel located in Stadecken-Elsheim, Germany. Here, the owners Carla Rauch and Annkristin Schmied-von Witzleben encourage sustainable travel by promoting local culture, serving organic products, and running regular yoga retreats.

Based in a former winery, the hotel boasts 8 guest rooms, a bar, a 24-hour front desk, plenty of space for outdoor activities, and a dedicated site for workshops.

However, Das HÖFCHEN struggled to organize the hotel’s daily operations, especially those related to handling online bookings. Striving to provide a hassle-free experience to their guests, the owners contacted HotelFriend to resolve the issue.

Challenges Faced by Das HÖFCHEN

Das HÖFCHEN was using a legacy property management system (PMS) that lacked modern features and functionalities. They also used a third-party channel manager which was not integrated with the PMS and induced a fragmented workflow.

As a result, the client faced overbooking problems and a delay in responding to booking requests. The hotel was also missing out on potential revenue opportunities due to its inability to sell rooms, services, and special offers directly from its website.

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

HotelFriend's team worked closely with Das HÖFCHEN to understand their needs and challenges. Based on their feedback, we provided the hotel with a Growth package that includes a cloud-based PMS with a fully integrated Booking Engine and Channel Manager. The suite was implemented in July 2021.

The HotelFriend's technology aimed to boost the hotel’s workflow in the following ways:

  • The new PMS with a clear interface and functionalities fully matched Das HÖFCHEN's requirements. It offered a centralized dashboard for managing daily operations such as reservations, guest check-ins, invoicing, and housekeeping.
  • The integrated Booking Engine allowed guests to instantly reserve rooms and services online via the booking button. The look and feel of the booking engine were tailored to match the hotel’s website. Now the guests can view detailed descriptions of rooms, check-in/out times, and experience smooth online checkout.
  • The Channel Manager helped the hotel prevent overbookings by syncing all their online and offline bookings in real-time. Now the client can automatically update rates, availability, and inventory across all channels from a single platform.
Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

Results Achieved

Backed by HotelFriend, Das HÖFCHEN was able to automate its daily operations, eliminate disruptions, and provide a seamless booking experience to guests. “The staff no longer has to worry about overbookings or responding to booking requests manually, and that significantly increased our productivity,” says Carla.

«The team is extremely friendly: they listen to your ideas and deliver exactly what you want. Thank you very much!»


Carla Rauch, General Manager