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HotelFriend LLC was founded in 2017 and entered German market on 1 January 2018. Our mission is to digitalize hotel industry. Due to the changes adopted in the national and international legislation, and above all owing to the increasing digitalization that is happening both in the heads and also on the guests, customers and partners devices, hotel industry is forced to the digital revolution, and we intend to lead it!

Hotel guests want to have all the hotel information as quickly as possible, they want to reserve the room and have fast access to all services during their vacation for a straightforward booking. Hotels want an effective, clear working. The focus is on saving time and on profit optimization.
Our all inclusive product captures all concerns and wishes, compresses processes and supports in all relevant areas. Thanks to a clear hotel software that compresses and simplifies all in-house processes. Guests can coordinate and book their holiday through our modern booking page or via app.
On top of that we add a concierge integrated into the App. That makes the stay for the guest even more comfortable and the communication between him and the hotel easier than ever. The compression of all concerns of the hotel and its guests in a modern, sustainable and user-friendly application is only available from HotelFriend.

HotelFriend AG

Holding Strategy

Supervisory Board
Advisory Board
HotelFriend Service LLC

EU + North America

  • Trade Fairs and Events
  • Personnel Development
  • Marketing and PR
  • Research and Development
  • Office Management
  • Further Education
  • Legal Counsel
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Customer Service
HotelFriend Ukraine LLC

Eastern Europe + Asia

  • Web Booking Engine
  • Mobile Concierge
  • Hotel Software
  • SEO
  • Design
  • QM
  • Translation
  • HR
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
1 - HotelFriend Gene

We never give up. We all have HotelFriend Gene in us.

51 - Interdisciplinary Developers

Our team consists of experienced Front-End and Back-End Developers.

9 - Nationalities

Whether Germans, Ukrainians, Georgians, Koreans, Indians, Moldovans, Belarusian, Polish or Turks, we are one team, yet each of us has his or her own dreams, troubles, aspirations and values. But the most important is that all of us deeply believe in hard work and the competencies and skills of all the team members, and believe in mutual responsibility and respect.

18 - Departments
We are organized in accordance with ISO 9001 and have the following departments: Sales and Distribution, Marketing, PR, Control, Research & Development, Project Management, Process Optimization, Web Developments, Mobile Development, Software Development, DevOps, Cloud Security, Data Science, Design, UI/UX, HR, Quality Assurance and Testing.
3 - Location: Berlin, Kiev, Leipzig

Germany and Ukraine: we are a team and we work together and in cooperation towards success of our enterprise.

117 - Hotels involved
During the last two and half years we've been working closely with the hoteliers, carrying out their wishes, trying to meet their demands with the aim of developing the optimal system for the hotel management.

A unique and thorough product


Denis Severyuk

Our mission

Our passion and mission is to provide outstanding high tech innovative solutions which connect hotelier and traveller, create unsurpassed experience for people around the globe. We give professional consultancy and analysis of your all hotel IT-business infrastructure, reorg the chaos and give the hotelier a chance to be among the leading high tech hotels in the world! We implement easy-to-use intuitive software solutions: FrontDesk, Reservation Management, Concierge-App, Digital Guestmap, Package management (Arrangement & Deals) and a Web+App Booking Module. All solutions are cloud based. Partner with us to learn how HotelFriend IT solutions can add more value to your business!

For Hotels

Use your dashboard for the smart and efficient management

Mention all the information, which is important for you, including information about the guests, booking data, wages and many more.

For travellers

Mobile Concierge

Our HotelFriend App transforms during your hotel stay into your personal Mobile Concierge.

Every guest has an opportunity to spontaneously access any hotel service and to order any temporary deal. Just with one click your order will be transferred through our system directly to the relevant department. The guests’ wishes and orders can be processed as soon as possible.

For Travellers

Web engine

The guests can book their accommodation through our website or our free HotelFriend App. Our partner hotels are presented here on their individual SEO optimized pages.

Sales manager
Kiev, Ukraine

HotelFriend Kiev is looking for Sales Manager with working experience at a similar position in IT, strong knowledge of project management methodologies and good analytical skills. We offer a competitive salary, team of professionals, challenging projects and cozy office.

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Content/online marketer
Kiev, Ukraine

Hotel Friend opens a position of Content/online marketer. We offer attractive salary, a great scope for new ideas and opportunities and versatile tasks in a successfully growing company.

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Lead Generation Manager
Kiev, Ukraine

HotelFriend Kyiv is looking for Lead Generation Manager with strong knowledge of product development process, market research and analytics skills. We offer a competitive salary, team of professionals, challenging projects and cozy office.

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