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8 reviews your hotel needs every day - HotelFriend

Every hotel, big or small, collects and processes a lot of different information and files every day. Without a doubt, clarity plays a very important, if not the leading role. All data on essential components of hotel operations should always be up to date and available to all staff members who have any relation to them. For instance, statistics on room occupancy, average room rates, the number of guests, and sales per day, etc. This enables the responsible employees to react quickly to changes, which makes the workflow in a hotel much more efficient.

8 Must-have Reports that will Improve your Hotel Management

Below, you can find an overview of 8 must-have reports that will help to increase the efficiency of your business processes.

End-of-Day Benefits: This report shows all essential data for one day: revenue, room occupancy statistics, payments. The daily closing report is irreplaceable for the night audit.
Account Balance Benefits: All the payment information of the guests are displayed. You can see how much the guest has already paid and how much is left to be paid. It also presents the balance of all bookings made at the hotel on that day, including the guests who are departing.
Cancellations Benefits: You get a list of all canceled reservations for a day, including cancellation fee, date and time, and the full name of the employee who performed the operation.
Check-In /Check-Out Benefits: This report presents the a list of rooms and guests who have checked in and out for one day. It allows seeing clearly who is arriving today and who is about to leave your property. If a hotel manager creates a check-out report the current day and the next day, he or she can avoid such potential issues as overbooking, detect the guests who have not checked out, and plan daily logistics better.
No Shows Benefits: This is a list of all bookings where guests have not checked in, with detailed additional information on arrival and departure date, room type, room price and the total amount paid..
 Guest report Benefits: You can see all the guests currently staying at the hotel. When creating the report, you can specify the category the data should be arranged by (guest, company, room, etc.)
Housekeeping Benefits: This report shows the a list of rooms with cleaning and reservation status, and the cleaning priority displayed with comments. It allows the cleaning staff to prepare the room on time.
Meals Benefits: This report report presents a list of dishes and beverages your guests have ordered at your hotel for a day. There are 3 fields: breakfast, lunch, dinner. In each field, you can clearly see the number of guests, number of servings, and a check column (delivered or not).

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