15 Must-have Daily Hotel Management Reports

12 Must-have Daily Hotel Management Reports

Every hotel, big or small, collects and processes a lot of different information and files every day. Without a doubt, clarity plays a very important, if not the leading role. All data on essential components of hotel operations should always be up to date and available to all staff members who have any relation to them. Otherwise, incorrect and bad data may undermine business. Gartner's research found that poor data quality costs companies about $15 million annually and may reach more than $3 trillion per year at the macro level.

This problem ends with well-organized, concise, and easy-to-follow reports as the latter help understand and evaluate past operations and plan future ones. For instance, statistics on room occupancy, average room rates, the number of guests, sales per day, etc. This enables the responsible employees to react quickly to changes, which makes the workflow in a hotel much more efficient.

Hoteliers may also opt for effective digital tools. In this respect, HotelFriend’s Property Management Software has a reporting module to ensure all hotel reports are accurate, complete, and compliant. Below you’ll find a list of essential reports that can be easily generated in our system.

12 essential reports that will improve your hotel management

Having correct data summaries is important because it goes beyond just comparing the financial results and calculating profits. Instead, it allows us to see what’s going on in the hotel, starting from resources and personnel planning to data analysis, revenue, and cost optimization, as well as improving inventory management and forecasting.

Here is an overview of must-have reports that can help you to increase the efficiency of the business processes.

Development and management report icon Development and management report Hoteliers can get a clue about how well the property is performing, get information on nights, booked revenue, and invoices by days, months, and years.
Financial report by sales channels icon Financial report by sales channels It allows to determine which distribution channel has brought more revenue and make plans for the future.
End-of-Day icon End-of-Day It is generated to balance and close hotel records, and reconcile guest folios and their transactions. This report shows all essential data for one working day: revenue, room occupancy statistics, and payments. The daily closing report is irreplaceable for the night audit.
Account Balance icon Account Balance It displays all guests’ payment information providing data on how much they have already paid and how much is left to be paid. The report also presents the balance of all bookings made at the hotel on that day, including the guests who are departing.
Cancellations icon Cancellations It includes a list of all canceled reservations for a day, including the cancellation fee, date and time, and the full name of the employee who performed the operation.
Check-In /Check-Out icon Check-In /Check-Out This report presents the list of rooms and guests who have checked in and out for one day. It allows to see clearly who is arriving today, who is about to leave the property, and track changes in hotel occupancy. If a hotel manager creates a check-out report on the current day and the next day, he or she can avoid such potential issues as overbooking, detect the guests who have not checked out, and plan daily logistics better.
No Shows icon No Shows This is a list of all bookings where guests have not checked in, with detailed additional information on arrival and departure date, room type, room price, and the total amount paid.
Guest report icon Guest report It displays all the guests currently staying at the hotel. When creating the report, it is possible to specify the category and arrange the data by guest, company, room, etc.
Housekeeping icon Housekeeping list This report shows the list of rooms with cleaning and reservation statuses, the cleaning priorities with comments and notes regarding definite rooms. It allows the cleaning staff to prepare the room on time.
Meals list icon Meals list This report presents a list of dishes and beverages guests have ordered at the hotel for a day. There are 3 fields: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In each field, hoteliers can clearly see the number of guests, number of servings, and a notes column (delivered or not, and why).
Tourism statistics Tourism statistics It helps determine and present the ratio of available rooms and beds to actual hotel occupancy, arrivals, overnight stays, and departures.
GoBD report icon GoBD report It allows hoteliers to make their tax process not only paperless and digital but also meet the current GoBD requirements avoiding trouble in the course of tax audits and other legal problems.
Development report icon Development report This report provides critical information on metrics such as profit percentage, nights booked, booked revenue, and invoiced revenue. It allows hotel owners and managers to track the performance of their properties by day, month, or year.
Cashiers report icon Cashiers report A document that provides a detailed list of all payments made throughout the day.
Rebate report icon Rebate report This report compiles a list of all guests who have received a refund, and it can be generated for a specified date range.

Without a clear picture of what the property or its departments are doing, it is difficult to make the right decisions and long-term planning, as well as prove that the hotel process documentation is GoBD-compliant.

The good news is that generation of reports has become automated which means reduced workload, delivery of more accurate results, and an increase in time and productivity. Every hotelier can benefit from a properly organized reporting system starting from day one of its implementation. 

Take care of the daily success with the hotel reporting software and make your life easier. Let the smart products from HotelFriend work towards your business goal.

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