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A professional Bundle of must-have Hotel Property Management Tools that will simplify daily operations of any hotel.
Hotel Digitalization Offensive
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Go digital, innovate your hotel. Interact with guests and increase revenue with our App

Enable mobile check-ins and check-outs in your hotel

Offer more services to your guests without additional personal cost

Become ecofriendly by transforming to digital and eliminating redundant paper in your hotel

Premium level of service presentation and sales from mobile devices

New business model
Easy integration
More revenue per guest
No additional hardware costs

Create your own hotel information, wellness offers, menus or holiday activities and service selling App., no coding required. Discover new opportunities to offer your all digital hotel in one device

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Digitize your hotel with easy-to-use App. All hotel, region info, services info in one device!

  • Be closer to your guests by premium level communications via App.
  • Reach guests faster and easier with your facilities, services and offers
  • Reduce your telecom, IT, paper and POS costs
  • Fast editing and information updates not depending on technologies used, third parties
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HotelFriend Room Service

Give your guests WOW experience of direct orderings from the APP to the room or another guest hospitality location, manage it all online in one system!

  • Direct orders to guest rooms to increase service sales, not losing requests, without staff engagement
  • Make your costs transparent
  • Plan and predict additional revenue flow
  • Make your guests happy by superior experience orders:
    • setting date and time of delivery;
    • getting notifications from the hotel;
    • providing feedback to orders.
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HotelFriend Room Service

HotelFriend Concierge

Book services in My Trips. Organize a quick check in, orders and services via App.

  • Let your guests enjoy fast check ins and check outs via App.
  • Easy to navigate and order services by guests in My trips
  • Direct deals booking with specific travel dates
  • Happier and highly satisfied guest give you 5 star reviews
  • Real-time messaging
HotelFriend Concierge