Outsourcing Hotel Operations. Remote Hospitality Service

HotelFriend virtual office assistants. Outsource daily tasks, including FrontDesk operations, to your remote hospitality team.

What is it for?

Understaffed? Personnel have too much to do and struggling to squeeze numerous tasks into their shifts? Not ready to employ a bunch of full-time specialists? Outsourcing hotel operations to a reliable partner is a perfect solution.

From now on, your staff can focus on the most important - creating a home-like atmosphere and giving the best service to guests. And we will deal with both creative tasks that need more oomph and the daily routine that can be automated.

How does it work

Expertise as a service
HotelFriend provides software as a service. Our tools allow automating the majority of processes at a hotel and achieving much higher effectiveness, and therefore, bigger revenues.
Hand over everyday tasks to HotelFriend for remote control and get the pressure taken off your hotel thanks to our expertise and experience.

Individual approach
Hotels have different needs. HotelFriend provides the widest scope of Remote Assistant services, from handling incoming calls to management. You can outsource your operations partially, for instance, at the times of peak workload, during events, vacation season, etc. Alternatively, we can effectively organize and be in charge of all hotel processes, apart from direct interaction with the guest, on a permanent basis.

What can be outsourced to HotelFriend

HotelFriend has been in the industry for many years

Inspired by the latest technologies and driven by our passion for innovation, we are leaders in hotel management automation and deeply understand every pain a hospitality provider might have. Contact us now and get an individual cost-effective solution that will work for your property!

Our Success Story

Our Success Story