HotelFriend brings Cash Register into cloud with the TSS from fiskaly

Meet the KassenSichV regulations and simplify the POS systems’ fiscalization thanks to HotelFriend integration with cloud TSS from fiskaly

HotelFriend, a global IT company and #1 provider of software for the travel and hospitality sectors announces a  complete cloud TSS integration with fiskaly to ensure that all your hotel’s transactions are correctly recorded, protected, and legally compliant.

Thanks to HotelFriend integration with the fiskaly cloud TSS, you don’t have to worry about cash register implementation and TSS certification. We’ll take care of everything, starting from cash registers to anti-fraud protection and legal compliance of your POS systems.

From now on, not even a third-party cash register is needed: all your data will be exchanged automatically via interfaces, as well as the new functions will be integrated seamlessly and easily adapted. This means that you do not have to do extra work: as POS systems are connected to TSS, the cash register entries are recorded from the start and won’t be changed.

Key benefits of cloud TSS integration

HotelFriend has partnered with fiskaly to provide our customers with a cloud TSS that doesn’t require hardware installations. Other benefits include:

● Compliance with legal requirements: under German law, companies must store the data in Germany. fiscaly server is located in Frankfurt am Main. 
● Fast Scaling and certificate life: fiscaly is the first TSS to be certified until 2029. Unlike hardware TSSs when a TPM module is needed or the hardware is required per each POS system, fiskaly is a cloud-based one. Thus, it is easy to scale, as there is no binding to the number of cash registers equipped with cloud TSS and the number of transactions.
● Data availability: In the case of a cash register inspection, the data can be quickly exported and made available to the auditor.

When it comes to tamper protection and data security, we can't delay. Through our cloud TSS integration with fiskaly, we empower our customers with maximum reliability and accessibility to achieve compliance with the KassenSichV regulation that’s essential to keeping cash registers and POS systems tamper-proof, checkable, and protected against manipulation,

said Denis Severyuk, HotelFriend CEO

About HotelFriend: HotelFriend is a global provider of business software with offices across Europe. The company specializes in R&D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

About fiskaly: Fiskaly, the #1 cloud fiscalization provider, is an Austrian company based in Vienna. Since 2015, technology and finance experts have been working on simple and sustainable solutions for the Registrierkassensicherungsverordnung (RKSV), the Austrian equivalent of the KassenSichV.

In Austria, the company has been the first provider with a fully functional implementation of RKSV since the beginning of 2016. Since 2018, fiskaly has developed its own solution for Germany.

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