Effective Online-Marketing — surprise the consumers!

Effective Online-Marketing — surprise the consumers!

Filling of the website

The most important: get to know your customers. You have to define your target audience. Create a big database, collect as much information as possible. That will provide a feeling of certainty, and your audience will get only relevant and interesting information.

What is your goal?

Before getting started, you should know what you want to achieve. Do you want to sell your product? Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to bind existing customers?

Create your own strategy plan! You are going to need it further on.

The perfect timing

Get a library of content you can use at any moment. There are so many options in the market, and you should be the first to create interesting content and relevant topics. The only way to work that out in a professional way is to be always prepared.

Testing is important!

Not every post, content or product release is successful. But it is totally fine. Post or publish content in different designs, at different time and on different platforms. In this way you will find out, what your customers like the most.

Try something new

Video content is taking quite a hit. Nowadays your customers have no time and patience to read long articles. They want to get relevant useful info in a shortest way possible.

The great advantage of the quality video content is that it makes a strong impression on viewers.

If you decide to make a video, you should take the following points into consideration – a strategy plan is very important.

  1. What is the mindset of your audience? (it's not always only about your product, your customers should be treated first)
  2. Create fascinating content (think out of the box)
  3. Leave long-lasting impressions
  4. Create your own significant contribution

Tips for successful video

Good video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes. You have to be sure that the viewers don't get bored. Otherwise they will just stop watching your video and probably miss your main statement.

Body-cams is going to be the big trend in 2018!

Think about a way you could present your product from a first-person perspective. Customers can better relate to specific situations and emotions.

The second big trend of this year is the live video. Here, you don't have to talk about your product in the first place. Show your viewers the working process, introduce your employees and communicate with your audience more. Offer a tutorial or a Q&A video. Become more than just a company that represents a certain product.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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