HotelFriend announces a successful integration with Gastronovi

HotelFriend announces a successful integration with Gastronovi

HotelFriend, the #1 provider of software for the travel and hospitality sectors is introducing a new integration with Gastronovi that will help hoteliers answer guests' growing demand for extra convenience and turn their restaurant POS into another opportunity to make more profit.

Through this integration, restaurateurs and hoteliers will be able to create a contactless payment experience, provide their customers with a wide range of quality services like booking a room directly from the cash register, transferring all bills from it, processing reports, and more.

We are excited to introduce a solution for the digitalization of the order and payment process. Thanks to the partnership with Gastronovi, we can offer hospitality businesses all the necessary digital tools to drive a higher level of service to their guests and open up more ways to generate income.

said Denis Severyuk, HotelFriend CEO.

New ways to reach customers and increase profit

HotelFriend mobile POS

The HotelFriend partnership with Gastronovi comes with significant advantages, namely:

● New revenue streams as a cash register allows customers to book a room and place orders.
● Information overview as hoteliers can view current guests.
● Greater convenience thanks to direct posting to rooms/virtual accounts.
● Reduced contact points as guests view the menu, order, and pay through their own smartphones.
● Well-organized invoices and reports, all invoices transfer from the cash register.

More and more hoteliers are now choosing digital tools and cashless payment systems as they help streamline operations, provide a contact-free experience for guests as well as offer more opportunities for generating revenue and improving customer relationships.

With that said, thanks to successful Gastronovi integration with HotelFriend, we can provide hotel owners with a cost-effective, sustainable, and holistic solution that will keep their business thriving for years to come.

Get ready to set your hospitality business up for success with HotelFriend.

About HotelFriend: HotelFriend is a global provider of business software with offices across Europe. The company specializes in R&D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

About Gastronovi: Gastronovi is a Germany-based full-service IT company that specializes in complete all-in-one cloud solutions for gastronomy and hotel businesses to professionally optimize their operational processes in all areas of gastronomy: from the cash register system and table reservation to marketing, merchandise management or calculation to the guest ordering system, and more.

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