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  • App for guests with Mobile Concierge

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Our app is available for use at adjustable rates:

Platform Features
Sales Features
per room / month
Premium plus
per room / month
Verified User ID - Secure Buying
Premium Email Delivery
Web Marketplace
Al Sales Boost
Mobile App / Hotel Concierge
Recommendation System
Seo optimization
Web promotion - search results ranking
Social media activity - deals promotion
Services sales
Room sales
Deal sales
Perfect match search
Third party services sale
New Homepage sales boost
Hotel Software Features
User Accounts
Multi-Hotelling Dashboard
Unlimit Department Access
Hotel Dashboard
Hotel Premium Statistics
CRM Guests / Stammgäste
Service Management
Deal Management
Room Management
Invoicing to Guest
Seasonal Pricing Room
Seasonal Pricing Deal
Order Management
Booking Overview
Instant Booking
Fast Check-In & Check-Out
Support Features
Webinar Traning
FAQ Access
Video Tutorials
Data Import
Phone Support 10-18, Mo-Fr
24-7 Phone support
Sales Assistants
Premium Support
Live Coaching Event
Data Backup
Data Export
Integration with your website (Booking Button)
API to other existing systems
Hosting Features
SSL Protection
Anti-virus Protection
SPAM Protection
Premium File Storage / Cloud access
Server in Germany
Cloud Software
Marketing Kit
Push Up to the guests
Push Up HotelFriend-Members
Top Position
First Page
Top @ Hotels
Top @ Deals

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