Our app is available for use at adjustable rates:

Platform Features


7.50€ per room / month

Premium plus

10€ per room / month

Verified User ID - Secure Buying
Premium Email Delivery
Web Marketplace
Al Sales Boost
Mobile App / Hotel Concierge
Recommendation System
Seo optimization
Web promotion - search results ranking
Social media activity - deals promotion
Services sales
Room sales
Deal sales
Perfect match search
Third party services sale
New Homepage sales boost

Hotel Software Features

User Accounts 10 25
Multi-Hotelling Dashboard 5 15
Unlimit Department Access
Hotel Dashboard
Hotel Premium Statistics
CRM Guests / Stammgäste
Service Management
Deal Management
Room Management
Invoicing to Guest
Seasonal Pricing Room
Seasonal Pricing Deal
Order Management
Booking Overview
Instant Booking
Fast Check-In & Check-Out

Support Features

Webinar Traning
FAQ Access
Video Tutorials
Data Import
Phone Support 10-18, Mo-Fr
24-7 Phone support
Sales Assistants
Premium Support
Live Coaching Event
Data Backup
Data Export
Integration with your website (Booking Button)
API to other existing systems

Hosting Features

SSL Protection
Anti-virus Protection
SPAM Protection
Premium File Storage / Cloud access
Server in Germany
Cloud Software

Marketing Kit

Push Up to the guests
Push Up HotelFriend-Members
Top Position
First Page
Top @ Hotels
Top @ Deals

Get 50% discount on any HotelFriend annual package


Old price: € 1,200.00 per year. Save now: € 600.00 per year.

What you will save?

Average market calculation:

Rate per room Period Final price
€ 20 12 months € 2,400.00

HotelFriend calculation:

Rate per room Period Final price
€ 10.00 12 months € 600.00

Total annual price: € 600.00

Increase of revenue in f&b, wellness and overnight stay

Reduce working time of the staff

Increase guest satisfactions

Reduce software COST

HotelFriend is leading the hotel digital revolution!

We provide professional consultancy and analysis of your all hotel IT-business infrastructure, reorg the chaos and give the hotelier a chance to be among the leading high tech hotels in the world!

Hotel management

Control services, rates, taxes, reports, check ins/check outs

Direct booking

Manage all guest reservations in 1 place

Special offers

Best value deal making


Selling hotel items through web mobile app


Fully automated processes

Cloud-based software

Available everywhere at any time from any device

Guest segmentation

Deep guest data now tracked and analysed


Top powerful reporting for data based decisions


Internal payment system


Highly secured data


Enjoyable easy-to-use design


Out-of-the box digital hotel technologies

Additional equipment

No need to equip rooms with devices

Push notifications

Stay informed of whats happening