Guest Facing v. 3.16.0: Quicker invoice payments, refined kiosk and Remote Reception features

Guest Facing v. 3.16.0: Quicker invoice payments, refined kiosk and Remote Reception features

From smoother invoice payments on Booking Engine to clearer communication during PayPal transactions, we've upgraded many aspects of our guest-facing products. Take a look at the latest enhancements tailored for hoteliers and guests alike.

What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Streamlined payment on the Invoices page of the Booking Engine

You can now facilitate payments for guests directly within the Booking Engine's Invoices section using the new "Pay" button. Previously, this section only displayed a list of invoices with their details. This feature streamlines the payment process by allowing immediate settlement of specific invoices without leaving the page.

Streamlined payment on the Invoices page of the Booking Engin

2. Popup message for PayPal payment cancellations

Users will now receive a popup message if they cancel a payment via PayPal on the Booking Engine. This improvement ensures clear communication and transparency throughout the payment transaction, helping to reduce confusion and provide reassurance to users during the checkout process.

Popup message for PayPal payment cancellations

3. Clearer messaging for key encoding via kiosk

Following valuable feedback from our customers, we have refined the door lock key encoding process. Now, when guests attempt to create a key before their designated check-in time, they will receive a clear message explaining that key creation is only possible after the check-in time. Guests can enter their details for online check-in in advance, but key encoding will only be available after a certain hour.

4. Remote Reception usability upgrades

Usability enhancements have been implemented across the Remote Reception feature. These include increasing text size for better readability and updating instructional text to provide clearer guidance through the check-in process.

Remote Reception usability upgrades

5. Improved Privacy Policy block in kiosk

The "Privacy Policy" block in the kiosk has been improved. This block, visible in the cart at the payment stage, will now display either a custom text (if provided) or the default text. The contents can be configured in the Booking Engine module under the Content tab.

6. Terms and Conditions redesigned in kiosk

We have redesigned the "Terms and Conditions" block in the kiosk to open within a modal window on the same page. This change provides a seamless user experience by keeping guests on the same interface when reviewing terms, eliminating the need for unnecessary redirects, and improving navigation efficiency.

7. Invoice payments via Adyen now accessible to unauthorized users

In a bid to improve accessibility, unauthorized users can now complete invoice payments via Adyen without logging in. This update significantly enhances convenience, allowing a broader range of users to settle invoices more easily through the Booking Engine.

8. Unlimited gender options now available for setup

Our system now supports an unlimited number of gender options and associated titles which will be used in emails and other guest communications. These new options will be available for guests to select when they add their personal information.

Unlimited gender options now available for setup

9. Minor fixes and visual improvements

  • ● Updated selectors for better dropdown functionality.
  • ● Ensured the "Terms and Conditions" file was displayed in the correct language on the Booking Engine.
  • ● Added more translations for the kiosk interface, including Arabic and Dutch.
  • ● Improved the layout of the kiosk account entry flow.
  • ● Added a language selection option to the kiosk header.

Our team remains dedicated to enhancing your unique user experience. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our product to better serve your needs. Please feel free to share any suggestions you have to further improve our offerings—we're here to make your experience exceptional.

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