Digitization of the hospitality industry - Episode 3 with Frank Wagner


Here is the third episode of our HotelFriend podcasts. In this episode, industry expert Frank Wagner gives an overview of the current market situation in the hotel industry.

In addition, we want to investigate how hoteliers can future-proof their businesses and assure compliance with the Corona requirements.

Frank Wagner is a hotel industry veteran who has held the supported management position for such global hospitality partners as Micros-Fidelio, Oracle, and NCR. Today, he runs a consulting company and helps hoteliers and restaurant operators address a variety of technology issues.

The guest of Episode 3: Frank Wagner


Stay updated for the next episode of this podcast where we will talk more about the issues of the hospitality industry during this crisis and possible solutions that can last for the future!

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What’s important during this crisis is staying informed. On our website you can find many helpful posts. You can read up on German hotels reopening guidelines and requirements by the states or on essential requirements to reopen your hotel when the pandemic ends.

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