COVID-19 Free Software During Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 Free Software During Coronavirus Outbreak

Today, HotelFriend, a global IT company and provider of software for the travel and hospitality sectors, is launching a free software program to help hotels overcome the severe economic impact on their business caused by the novel coronavirus, as it can be used to reduce personal contact while living in a hotel.

HotelFriend has an effective solution that makes it possible to protect both hotel managers and guests from the virus spreading. With mobile app, all the hotel business processes can be managed remotely, starting from  reservations, checking-in and out to guests’ service and food orders.

We decided to cancel the subscription fee for SaaS for new customers during a COVID-19 quarantine, so you can get it for free.

While it’s clear that COVID-19 has deeply impacted the hospitality, HotelFriend team is sure that this moment will pass and is ready to help its customers to get through this.

We understand that it is not always easy to separate ourselves from others when traveling. Still, there some simple yet effective tips on how to stay safe when you are in a hotel.

● When traveling to your hotel, it is better to use personal transport like a car to minimize exposure to others.

● If you need to use public transport (e.g. taxis, ride-hail services, trains, buses, and trams), try to touch rails, buttons, tickets, banknotes and coins with just one hand. Keep phones in the other “clean” hand and wash both as soon as you can at your destination. Stay more than 1 meter away from your fellow passengers.

● As much as possible, stay in your hotel and don’t go to public places or public gatherings.

● If you are in a hotel, avoid contact with other guests or staff. To get food and necessities for you, use HotelFriend mobile app as it offers a “contactless” check-in and out, delivery or service order, and payment options. The service comes wherever you desire with no delays, no waiting time, no nerve-wracking. When the app notifies you about a delivery, make sure your orders are left outside your room for you to collect. Thus, you avoid contact with delivery men.

● If you are well, there is no need to wear surgical masks in your hotel room. If you must leave the room, such as to seek medical care, wear a surgical mask. If you don’t have a mask, take care to not cough or sneeze on others.

● If you are a hotel owner and have been in contact with someone who needs to self-isolate, you should consider the above-mentioned measures and rules as well. Remember that most people who need to self-isolate, including those who have returned from overseas, are still healthy. If they self-isolate properly and use a mobile app for their needs and orders, there should be no risk to you or your future guests.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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