HotelFriend starts podcast for the hospitality industry - this week’s guest: Frank Doepelheuer

HotelFriend starts podcast for the hospitality industry - this week’s guest: Frank Doepelheuer

The current COVID-19 situation causes insecurities, helplessness, and existential fears among hoteliers and other entrepreneurs. A lot of questions remain unanswered: How long will this situation persist? What aid packages are available? How can all the new requirements for hygiene and cleanliness be implemented?

HotelFriend collected a variety of opinions and questions, to now conduct interviews with important personalities of the industry for this new podcast. This podcast should not only answer some urgent questions but also show new business solutions and help to implement the new requirements and recommendations.

This Week’s Guest: Frank Doepelheuer

On May 4th 2020 we invited Frank Doepelheuer to a Zoom Meeting. Frank Doepelheuer was the president of the DEHOGA Sachsen-Anhalt (German Hospitality and Catering Association) during the financial crisis of 2008, is an honorary DEHOGA president today and a hotelier himself.

Together with him we’re discussing the following topics:

● Did the DEHOGA Association try everything to protect hoteliers during this crisis?
● Is this current situation anyhow comparable to the economic crisis of 2008?
● Are all the new requirements for restaurants and hotels even manageable? How can HotelFriend help implementing some of these?
● Are there any alternative business models in this time?
● Which role does digitalisation play now? And which role is it going to play in the future of the hospitality industry?
● And are people even ready again to travel and collect new experiences?


In the following episodes of this podcast we will keep talking about the struggles of small business owners as well as the importance and feasibility of digitalization in the hospitality industry.

More Information on this Topic:

What’s important during this crisis is staying informed. On our website you can find many helpful posts. You can read up on German hotels reopening guidelines and requirements by the states or on essential requirements to reopen your hotel when the pandemic ends.

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