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Product Updates v.3.37.0: channels setting, reservations movement, orders group action

Product Updates v. 3.37.0: Added new Custom Options and Channel setting

1. Added new Custom Options setting: manage bed types, reservation sources and payment methods

2. Channels setting added: view available channels, add new channels, request connection or disconnection of your channels

3. Request booking import: upload CSV, XLS or XLSX file and in 24 hours your data will be imported

4. Send paid invoice to a guest

5. Hotel dashboard now corresponds with hotel rate

6. Booking status will be changed properly when extending or reducing a reservation

7. Front Desk: reservations can be moved to earlier or later period

8. Booking Engine: set the information shown - bed types, meal types, description

9. Orders:

a. group action added to change multiple orders statuses at once;
b. orders that were created from Orders module, will now have status Confirmed.

10. Grids layout improved

11. UI improvements

Fixed: Cashier and Rebate reports.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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