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Product Updates v.3.52.0: a new list with all order tasks, new Financial Report, Cleaning Fees

Product Updates v.3.52.0:

HotelFriend constantly releases new changes. Here are our new product updates that help you learn the new features, enhancements, and improvements.

1. Service edit page:

Added Tasks Template setting, which enables automatic tasks creation when ordering a service. To set the start time of the task, specify the time before or after the service is provisioned.

Service edit page:

2. Order page: added new “Tasks” tab with all related tasks displayed.

Order page

3. Tasks module: added a new list with all order tasks.

Tasks module

4. Added new Financial Report (by channel).

5. Added new “Cleaning Fees” setting to Room Rates module which can be included in reservations, invoices, order overviews, reports as a separate option.

Added new “Cleaning Fees&rdquo

6. Meals and Cleaning fee will now be specified in the “Options” fields in invoices and reports.

7. Cashier Report can now be created for a timeframe.

8. Accounting module:

a. Added filtration by multiple statuses in the “Guests Invoices” grid and by multiple sources in the “Payments” grid.
b. Added Total field for amount to the “Guests Invoices” and “Payments” grids.

9. Fixed:

a. Accommodation search logic on Add Booking modal;
b. Languages select everywhere in the system;
c. Minor bugs.

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