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Product Updates v.3.53.0: tasks export, company reservations workflow improved

Product Updates v.3.53.0: tasks export, company reservations workflow improved

Welcome back to HotelFriend product updates. Here is a full rundown of the latest improvements and features. 

1. Tasks module: added export of filtered tasks to CSV

Tasks module

2. Improved company display and search:

a. added search by company to: Global search, Reservations grid, Front Desk; 
b. displayed additional info about the Company in the drop-down list in the system (to differentiate companies with the same name).

Improved company

3. Improved company/group bookings creation:

a. automatic assign of free rooms to reservations; 
b. preset Booking Group Name on the second step to the company name that was selected on the first step.

4. Redesigned Booking details modal

Redesigned Booking details modal

5. Displayed room type/number in Portal

On the "Booking #", On the reservations grids, both individual and group

6. Invoice cancellation

Now a cancellation invoice will be created when the “Expected" invoice is canceled

7. Housekeeping: added sorting

8. Updated employee view - removed hotel select when editing in a hotel

9. Fixed:

a. incorrect hotel contacts in booking cancellation e-mail;
b. payment to the reservation's balance not included in the invoice when chosen;
c. error when deleting an out of service period in the calendar;
d. fixed date-time format in Portal;
c. fixes "Actions" for Order;
d. multihotelling: fixed group edit/delete.

Take advantage of our new features and enhancements and stay tuned for more updates.

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