Product Updates v. 3.78.0: Flexible settings, increased Booking Offer validity, and Debit payments

Product Updates v. 3.78.0: Flexible settings, increased Booking Offer validity, and Debit payments

We've listened to your feedback and implemented new features to enhance your daily experience. Let's take a closer look at what's new here for you this time!

What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Create a new company from Guest Card

Create a new company from Guest Card

This new feature allows you to create a new company directly from the Guest card, even if it doesn't appear in the search results. To do this, go to the "Edit profile" section while creating or editing a Guest Card. In the “Company” field, you can select “Create new”, then enter the name of the company and set the discount type. After saving the hanges, the new company will be linked to the guest's profile for easy management.

Create a new company from Guest Card

2. More flexibility in Room Rates VAT

We've added flexibility to our Room Rates by allowing you to create zero tax rates for guests exempt from VAT. Choose the "Without VAT (0%)" option when configuring room rates, and the system will accurately reflect it in financial reports, booking emails, and guest invoices. Simplify your booking management for tax-exempt guests with ease.

More flexibility in Room Rates VAT

3. Edit the booking without changing the invoice

It’s now easier for you to modify bookings that already have an invoice without affecting the invoice itself. This function is especially useful for free reservation upgrades or making minor changes to booking details. To use it, simply check the "Ignore invoice” checkbox in the Edit Booking window.

Edit the booking without changing the invoice

If you want the changes to be reflected in the invoice, you can create a new invoice for the modified booking. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting reservations while keeping your invoices intact.

4. Change the guest’s room at the Front Desk

You can now change the assigned room for a guest in the "Booking details" section at the Front Desk, as long as the booking hasn't been invoiced.

Change the guest’s room at the Front Desk

This provides greater flexibility for last-minute room allocation. If an invoice has already been created, simply cancel it before modifying the reservation. Ensure a seamless check-in experience with enhanced room change options.

5. Extended Booking Offer validity

The maximum validity period of Booking Offers in the Automation settings was increased to 90 days. This gives potential guests more time to confirm the booking offer.

Extended Booking Offer validity

By default, the duration is set to 72 hours, but you can now configure it to any number of days within a three-month range. When the offer expires, it will be automatically canceled.

6. Introducing a new payment method: Debit

Our team is excited to announce the addition of a new payment method called Debit. Similar to Bank Transfer, it is now set as the default payment method for all new clients. You can easily find Debit in the list of standard payment methods, offering a deferred payment option for your convenience.

7. Instant payments for one-time products now available in Billing

The Billing Subscription page was enhanced to allow the purchase of one-time additional HotelFriend products. From staff training to Channel Manager setup, you can now select and instantly pay for these additional products in a convenient way.

Instant payments for one-time products now available in Billing
Instant payments for one-time products now available in Billing

8. More flexibility with order status сhanges

We've added the ability to change orders with a "Completed" status to "Cancelled" status, as long as the order hasn't been invoiced yet. This provides greater flexibility in managing services and allows you to accommodate any necessary changes.

9. Improved handling of inventory-connected services

In our latest release, we've improved the handling of services that are connected to your hotel’s inventory. If a specific inventory type is marked as inactive, the related services will automatically become unavailable for ordering. This ensures more accurate service management and allows guests to only select services that you can offer at present.

10. Enhanced room deletion protection

To maintain data integrity and avoid potential conflicts in the system, we've implemented a safeguard that prevents the deletion of rooms with associated bookings.

Enhanced room deletion protection

If you have upcoming reservations for a room that you want to delete, the system will remind you about active reservations so that you could transfer them to other rooms first.

Enhanced room deletion protection

11. Improved invoice logo validation

Added a validation feature to preview invoices when changes to the logo are made. If you modify the logo in the invoice settings but haven't saved it, the preview won't reflect the change. Simply click “Save” to ensure that the logo appears correctly in the preview.

12. More language options for Booking Engine

In the Booking Engine settings, we've expanded the language options available for your Booking Button. You can now choose from some new languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, and Chinese, providing a wider range of choices to cater to your guests' preferences.

13. Bug fixes and visual improvements

Check out some of the latest updates focused on improving the usability and functionality of our system:

  • a) We've made some updates to improve the system's visual layout, making it easier to use.
  • b) If your hotel doesn't have a cleaning fee, you can now specify that in the settings by selecting "No" for the “Final cleaning fee” option.
  • c) We've fixed an issue where empty messages were being sent in the chat with the hotelier. Now, messages without any text won't be sent.
  • d) We've also improved the search functionality for beds in the room type settings, ensuring accurate results.
  • e) Select filters for virtual rates now work correctly and in the right order.
  • f) The email preview in the "Add booking" modal has been fixed to show accurate previews before sending.
  • g) Integration with Gastronovi has been enhanced to handle canceled sales and reservations more effectively.
  • h) Importing bookings into the system has been fixed for smoother and more accurate imports.
  • i) We've resolved a calculation issue for custom pricing in the Move modal, ensuring accurate price-per-night calculations.

At its core, the HotelFriend team is dedicated to continuously enhancing your unique user experience. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our improvements, so please don't hesitate to share any suggestions or ideas with us!

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