From Hospitality to Logistics: A Guide on Salto Locks Integration for Universal Access Control

From Hospitality to Logistics: A Guide on Salto Locks Integration for Universal Access Control

Today, one of the challenges for hospitality businesses, from midscale hotels, to cruise ships or conference venues, lies in seamlessly integrating digital keys and smart guest rooms with unified property management systems.

Over the years, Salto has become a champion in addressing this challenge with their electronic access control solutions. From back-of-house organization to guest room management, they offer a unified and easy-to-use system for businesses of all types and sizes, that can become a part of your PMS thanks to an API-ready approach.

In this article, we delve into everything about Salto door locks, explore their core technologies, and tell you the stories of our clients who chose to integrate Salto locks with HotelFriend PMS. Let’s find out how to choose and connect the systems that suit best your own scenario.

Cloud-based vs On-premise

Choosing between a cloud-based and on-premise access control solution is the first step to implementing a Salto door lock system for your business. Factors such as organization size, industry application, security requirements, and integration capabilities play a pivotal role in making the right choice.

Salto KS – Cloud solution or “Keys as a Service”

For smaller to medium-sized properties, Salto KS presents an optimal cloud-based access control system. Leveraging electronic locks paired with IQ gateways as the central "brain," this solution operates seamlessly in the cloud. It eliminates the need for on-premise software or servers, offering real-time access control.

Salto KS locks boast versatility, supporting various doors and technology platforms. Access options include contactless Salto cards, mobile keys, or keypads, giving end-users flexibility in choosing their preferred key delivery method, whether digital or physical.

This cloud-based solution is particularly suitable for organizations with limited IT resources or those with multiple locations. The minimal hardware and software maintenance requirements ease the burden on IT staff, making it a more practical choice.

Some of the key highlights of Salto KS

  • ● Offers cloud convenience but supports limited types of door locks
  • ● Immediate action against stolen or lost tags, allowing for tag blocking and reassignment.
  • ● Easy cloud-based management of user access rights, including adjustments to access levels and time-based permissions.
  • ● Seamless wireless lock technology for retrofitting existing buildings without extensive wiring.
  • ● KS Connect enables integrations with other systems, enhancing compatibility with diverse business applications and workflows.

Salto Space – Secure on-premise network

Salto Pro Access Space takes a different approach, offering a secure on-premise network for larger properties and businesses with more complex needs. This virtually networked, wired, and wireless online smart access control platform provides a robust set of features and tools.

Salto Space – Secure on-premise network


The Space platform supports integration with third-party systems through interfaces and APIs. This includes connections to video surveillance, elevators, car barriers, fast gates, escape door control systems, fire alarms, and more.

Some of the features and benefits of Salto Space

  • ● Suitable for larger properties with more complex needs.
  • ● Compatibility with third-party products, including elevators, car barriers, and garages.
  • ● Diverse hardware options for smart access to any door, accommodating the needs of various building types.
  • ● Stand-alone, battery-operated electronic locks eliminate the need for hardwire installation on doors.
  • ● Web-based software streamlines setup, routine use, monitoring, and updates of access rights.
  • ● Combines the security and convenience of a wired access control system with the flexibility of wireless technology, simplifying retrofitting of existing doors with minimal network infrastructure.

Navigating core Salto technologies

From the revolutionary Salto Virtual Network (SVN) to the game-changing Salto JustIN Mobile Access, let’s unravel the distinctive features and invaluable benefits these technologies bring to businesses of all sizes.

Salto Virtual Network with Data-on-Card Technology

Salto SVN stands out as a technological marvel, combining both wired and battery-powered locks in access control scenarios. The distinctive feature lies in storing access control data on contactless cards rather than individual locks. These cards can be updated within the building using an SVN online reader.

The Data-on-Card Technology empowers standalone smart locks to read, receive, and write information through users' door key cards. This integration of offline, wireless electronic locks, and wired online access points results in a robust and cost-efficient access control solution. 

Salto Virtual Network with Data-on-Card Technology


The process involves

  • ● Access control data is stored on contactless cards instead of door locks.
  • ● Offline standalone doors control access rights and transmit data back to the card, such as blacklist information or battery status, without requiring a server connection.
  • ● The key card accumulates data until presented to a device with a server connection, transmitting information back to the server via online wall readers.
  • ● SALTO hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real-time intelligence and instant control.

One of SVN's key advantages is scalability, allowing an access control system to expand from a few doors to a bigger network, making it suitable for both small and large buildings.

Salto BLUEnet Wireless

BLUEnet Wireless emerges as a true wireless technology extension for radio networking through Bluetooth, designed specifically for doors where real-time access control is essential and wiring is impractical.

With robust Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connectivity, it can operate independently or complement Salto's SVN for exceptional performance, heightened security, and real-time access control.

Key features of BLUEnet Wireless are

  • ● Independent installation or targeted integration with the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) for real-time access control.
  • ● Bluetooth RF system linking battery-powered smart locks to enable real-time key access point monitoring.
  • ● The door locks communicate to a gateway device using Bluetooth. One gateway can oversee 7 nodes in a network, and each node can manage 16 doors via Bluetooth within a 16-meter range. This design makes the system both effective and budget-friendly.
  • ● BLUEnet Wireless can complement SVN to offer cost-effective integrated access control site-wide and extend system capabilities thanks to SVN-Flex technology.

This technology is perfect for connecting more devices across your facility. From access points and intrusion sensors to lockers and IoT devices, it caters to diverse operational needs.

Salto JustIN Mobile Access

Salto JustIN Mobile Access is a game-changing feature that turns smartphones into keys. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this feature enhances security through a layered security system.

Smartphones are secured with a multi-factor identification system built into them. This requires users to authenticate their identity with more than one method, such as PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Secure data transfer and authentication between smartphones and smart door locks are ensured through SSL AES 128-bit encryption.

Salto JustIN Mobile Access


  • ● Unlocking doors with JustIN Mobile is as easy as using the Bluetooth feature (BLE) on your smartphone or the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. These allow your phone to communicate with electronic locks, cylinders, and wall readers.
  • ● SDK connects Salto Pro Access Space (SVN) with our mobile app, enabling you to effortlessly open doors with your smartphone.

In essence, Salto JustIN Mobile Access serves as a smart and flexible solution, transforming smartphones into convenient keys for enhanced access management and heightened security.

Landhotel Gafringwirt

Integrating Salto and HotelFriend enables smart access for every industry

Nowadays Salto is a top player with its advanced electronic locks and software. At HotelFriend, we've worked hard to make sure that Salto's smart access solutions perfectly fit right into our system. Teamed up with our PMS, their system is all set and can handle all kinds of situations.

Independent hotels and hotel chains

By integrating Salto Hospitality solutions with HotelFriend, smart access can be extended throughout your property. These digital systems can provide frictionless entry to guest rooms, entrances, elevators, gyms, conference rooms, and parking lots for both independent hotels and chains.

Let's take Landhotel Gafringwirt as a great example. By connecting Salto KS with PMS, they've made access super easy, making guests' experiences even better. The owners can now give keys to guests "over the air," meaning guests can go straight to their rooms without stopping at the front desk. They access rooms with their smartphones right when they arrive.

The Place, Hotel

Apartments and residential buildings

For property management overseeing apartment complexes, Salto Space becomes the preferred solution. Residents enjoy the convenience of a single digital key that grants access to apartments, common areas, and amenities.

Take The Place, a residential complex with 100+ apartments, where HotelFriend has integrated Salto's features via Host Interface Protocol (SHIP). This integration allows user management, a basic hardware configuration of Salto locksets, and key card encoding via the HotelFriend self-service kiosk. The flexible system accommodates temporary access grants, boosting security and convenience for residents and authorized visitors.

Garages and parking lots

Let's talk about garages and parking lots – places where smart access control can make a big difference. If you want a system that lets you manage and control access to lots of units from one central point, HotelFriend has you covered. With the added features of Salto, you get real-time control over who can enter and keep an eye on how everything is used.

This not only stops unauthorized access but also gives you useful information for planning and managing resources. Whether it's elevators, car barriers, or speedy gates, we've got the tools to connect and monitor all access points in one easy-to-use interface.

FC Nordsjælland

Cruise ships, transportation, and logistics

Salto solutions span the globe in airports, train stations, warehouses, and distribution centers. Cruise ship companies may leverage Salto's ProAccess Space and HotelFriend integration to both manage cruises and control access to passenger cabins.

Each passenger receives a key card for cabin access and other permitted areas, ensuring real-time updates for flexibility and heightened security. Set access rights for public, semi-public, and restricted areas in diverse locations like transit areas, parking lots, and maintenance zones.

Sports venues

When it comes to entertainment venues, like sports centers, stadiums, and football clubs, Salto solutions may play a big role in making these places secure and efficient. For instance, picture a sports club, like the Danish FC Nordsjælland.

They use HotelFriend's Property Management Solution to allocate rooms to their athletes, but Salto's access control could also step in to give key cards with restricted access to staff, athletes, and important guests. The system can be monitored and adjusted in real-time from a centralized location, providing a robust solution for sports venues.

Final words on the power of connecting HotelFriend and Salto

The key here is how HotelFriend and Salto work together, making everything smoother and safer for fans and sportsmen.

Final words on the power of connecting HotelFriend and Salto

Enabled through an integration with the SALTO KS, HotelFriend offers not only contactless check-in/out but also convenient mobile room access without relying on keys or cards.

HotelFriend has partnered with SALTO to provide both hoteliers and guests with an easy-to-operate and highly practical access solution that has a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

Cloud-based or on-premise access control

This technology allows enterprises to monitor access activities across various locations, providing flexibility and control from anywhere.

Remote and digital check-in

Emphasizing enhanced security with encrypted data transmissions, HotelFriend and Salto create a safer and smoother check-in experience.

Reduced costs, maximized ROI

With no need for door components replacement or maintenance when keys are lost, the integration maximizes Return on Investment (ROI) and reduces costs.

Through seamless API integrations and the SHIP protocol, HotelFriend effortlessly incorporates any Salto technology into its system. IT and security teams can connect locks to HotelFriend's Property Management System (PMS) without the hassle of running cables. Whether it's one door or a hundred, this cloud-based solution ensures a wireless connection, benefiting hotels, sports venues, and enterprises alike.

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