HotelFriend Participates in New Skift Report

HotelFriend Participates in New Skift Report

Skift is one of the world’s leading research agencies in the hospitality sphere. It offers valuable insights into different industry aspects in the form of reports.

This year’s survey encompasses 193 vendors, who have shared data on their property management systems, which are operated at 150,000 hotels worldwide. The Skift Report 2020 focuses on reviewing crucial and secondary features of PMSs, which vary from provider to provider. The analysis allows a hotelier to make the right choice or see how the management system used at their property compares to those offered by key players, how well it serves to achieve the set business goals, and thus, whether the included functionality justifies the price.

What makes HotelFriend an innovation leader?

HotelFriend is proud to be included in the Research as it clearly shows our unique competitive advantage. Apart from must-have functionality, we offer unrivaled revenue-boosting tools for selling services and deals through a website or Concierge App, which has no analogs on the market.

We are proud of our products. They are designed to achieve maximum efficiency of all processes at a hotel. Thanks to the modular system - with functional blocks that require no integrations and perfectly complement each other, properties of any size can select a budget-friendly solution, which will cover all aspects of everyday operations. Exceptionally guest-facing and made with love to hoteliers, our hotel management software is a reliable assistant to reach any hospitality heights.

Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger

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