The ultimate guest experience guide

The ultimate guest experience guide

More than 10% of global GDP, rising global consumer purchasing power, and technology have all fueled the rapid growth of the hospitality industry. However, there are still some challenges hotels face to meet omnichannel customers’ needs and expectations. From innovations to sustainability or luxury, what matters most to hotel guests?

How to improve the guest experience

The hotel guest experience landscape

As a hotel owner, you might be sure that you’re consistently giving consumers what they want. However, the guests’ expectations are rising fast. According to the research by Harris Poll and Eventbrite, 78% of guests want experiences rather than things.

While travelers are seeking experiences, hoteliers are undergoing rapid transformation, which includes implementing new technologies and disruptive business models. As of now, customers interact with chatbots and robots to get information on-demand, open hotel room doors with mobile phones or facial recognition technology, and more. Hotel managers use a number of software and platforms simultaneously to check-in guests, organize their stay, and monitor new service orders, all at the same time.

Because hospitality is a people-centric industry, balancing between human touch and innovation is still critical for hotel brands to attract diverse clients, but not all. The guest experience goes together with the customer journey. However, what is it and how to use it to boost guest experience?

To learn more about how to incorporate customer journey strategies and new technologies into your hotel business, download our Ultimate Guest Experience Guide.

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