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HotelFriend Deal Manager

Overview & short preview

Increase your room occupancy and revenue due to HotelFriend Deals:

HotelFriend Voucher

Save your time and resources, delegate us Deals creation and publishing in all our channels for you

HotelFriend Voucher Manager

Create and sell attractive deals for your hotel is now faster than ever with HotelFriend Extranet!

HotelFriend Arrangement Manager

Make direct booking of packages with specific dates managed online.

HotelFriend Deal Manager

HotelFriend Mobile Application

Overview & short preview

Create your own hotel information, wellness offers, menus or holiday activities and service selling App., no coding required. Discover new opportunities to offer your all digital hotel in one device

HotelFriend’s portfolio

Digitize your hotel with easy-to-use App. All hotel, region info, services info in one device!

HotelFriend Room Service

Give your guests WOW experience of direct orderings from the APP to the room or another guest hospitality location, manage it all online in one system!

HotelFriend Concierge

Book services in My Trips. Organize a quick check in, orders and services via App.

HotelFriend Mobile Application

HotelFriend Hospitality Management System

Front Desk

Reorg the chaos in the hotel business processes with cloudbased HotelFriend Business Process Management. Manage your reservations, services rates, taxes, reports check ins/check outs at ease!

Online distribution

Increase your revenue due to direct room, deals, services booking widget from you hotel site. Balance the sales with events and seasons rates and availability of your channels in real time online centrally to avoid overbookings

HotelFriend Enterprise

Personalized Hotel Hospitality Management System according to customer requirements

HotelFriend Hospitality Management System

Marketing Tools

Distribution channels

Use the maximum Sales channels for promoting and selling your rooms and services In HotelFriend Top Deal, Top Hotel 3 in 1: Website, App. (Android, IOS), Marketplace, also using Social Media, PPC


Save your time delegating to us text and photo creation, regional information and SEO optimization!

Distribution Tools

HotelFriend Booking Button, Top Deal, Top Hotel

Marketing Tools

HotelFriend is leading the hotel digital revolution!

We provide professional consultancy and analysis of your all hotel IT-business infrastructure, reorg the chaos and give the hotelier a chance to be among the leading high tech hotels in the world!

Hotel management

Control services, rates, taxes, reports, check ins/check outs

Direct booking

Manage all guest reservations in 1 place

Special offers

Best value deal making


Selling hotel items through web mobile app


Fully automated processes

Cloud-based software

Available everywhere at any time from any device

Guest segmentation

Deep guest data now tracked and analysed


Top powerful reporting for data based decisions


Internal payment system


Highly secured data


Enjoyable easy-to-use design


Out-of-the box digital hotel technologies

Additional equipment

No need to equip rooms with devices

Push notifications

Stay informed of whats happening