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A professional Bundle of must-have Hotel Property Management Tools that will simplify daily operations of any hotel.
Hotel Digitalization Offensive
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Next Generation of Hotel Stay

Smart hotel software improving guest in-hotel experience

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What software does a hotel need today?

Property Management System, Booking Button, and Channel Manager. But is it really enough?

There is a permanent basis to automate, perform, and manage your hotel. HotelFriend is happy to provide you with such customer journey.

Hospitality is about being welcoming, helpful, and comfortable for your guests.

Customers are getting used to increasing choice and personalization. HotelFriend is here to help you bring excellent hotel stay experience for your guests.

Thats why your hotel needs HotelFriend


How does it work

Old processes in a new way

guest can extend

hotel can manage

Check-in, housekeeping, chat and more

Check-in, housekeeping, chat and more

guest can check in

hotel can manage

Seamless guest experience with online orders

guest can order

hotel can manage

Intuitive revenue stream management

Intuitive revenue stream management

guest can request

hotel can manage

Want to become your guest's favorite hotel? Let us show how HotelFriend can help your hotel to be on the top.


Manage your rooms and departments in a cloud Property Management System.

Front-Desk Office

Empower your hotel with easy-to-use intuitive cloud technology. Manage your reservations, services rates, taxes, reports check ins/check outs at ease.

Guest Management

Keep track of your guests and save all the necessary information, including personal and passport data, contacts, social media profiles and more.

Department Management

All the departments at your hotel are in full view with HotelFriend. Manage and connect units in a real-time mode.


Make your housekeeping more streamlined and regularized. Your staff will immediately know which rooms need to be cleaned.


Grow your hotel with the instruments to focus on what really matters.

Booking Engine

Just one button changes the strategy of your business. Sell rooms and services directly from your website.

Channel Manager

Seamless integration of Channel Manager to synchronize with all the major OTAs eliminates the risk of overbooking.

Central Reservation System

Combine personal reservations and the reservations from all existing sales channels. No need to duplicate information in every online sales channel.

Deal Manager

Unique deal constructor, which helps hotel to sell all services and rooms online by creating special travel packages for the guests.



Optimize your performance to provide the finest experience travellers haven’t seen before


Concierge to give your guests everything they want in their smartphone — from a cup of tea to SPA or a concert ticket.

Fast Check-In

Stay mobile. Simply meet your guests and check them in automatically without the reception desk procedure and a long queue.

Analytics and Reporting

Indispensable module for any hotel to perform better. Clear and concise visualization of your key indicators.

Want to provide your guest with exceptional in-hotel experience? Request demo for a complete tour of Hotelfriend

Hotel is not just a room...

but a service

We are mentioned



from €99

per month

  • FrontDesk
  • Reservation Management
  • Rooms Management
  • Central Reservation System
  • Guest Management
  • Daily Reports
  • Concierge Portfolio


from €399

per month


  • Multiple Property Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Payments Management
  • Direct Chat
  • Department Management
  • Housekeeping Basic
  • Room Booking Engine
  • Booking Offer
  • Service Booking Engine
  • Concierge Room Service
  • Department Chat


from €699

per month


  • Company Booking
  • Fast Check-In/Check-out
  • Room Upgrade
  • Deal Booking Engine
  • Voucher Extranet
Manage. Grow. Optimize. Upsell. Provide new level of in-hotel experience.

HotelFriend solutions



Department Manager


Channel Manager

Service Manager

Direct Staff Chat

Fast Check-In / Out

Analytics & Reporting Hotel Portfolio