Virtual Office – Your Remote Front Desk

Virtual Office is a set of tools that helps you to manage a hotel or apartment in a fully remote way. We outsource front desk services so that you can conduct your business without being tied to a specific location.

Virtual Office is a digital front desk and back office on your laptop

We provide our expertise and experience as a service to control your management operations remotely

Tap into full automation of bookings, payments, and check-ins with the Remote Front Desk and our virtual assistance

Get your own app with the possibility of adding mobile room keys to exceed guests' expectations

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Remote Front Desk
Automate all the processes that were originally manual
the luxury of flexibility

Gain the luxury of flexibility

Don’t have time to constantly monitor your business on-site? Or maybe you need a secure way to run the hotel during the pandemic?

Automate all the processes that were originally manual, such as check-in or handling of the emails. Our remote hospitality team will take care of the rest – we can effectively organize the core tasks of the reception for you. Zero staff is required on site.

Here is how we automate each stage of the guest journey

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What you get with Virtual Office

One interface to manage it all icon

One interface to manage it all

+ Full-stack solution for a flat price

We provide a full set of programs so that you can manage both your bookings and back-office activities from one place.

Round-the-clock reception icon

Round-the-clock reception

+ 0 costs for reception staff labor

Now guests can check in without your help via the app from anywhere, anytime before arrival.

Online assistance icon

Online assistance

+ Outsourced operations during peak workload

We are ready to assist you in any possible matter apart from direct communication with guests.

Website and SEO check icon

Website and SEO check

+ Enhanced hotel bookings

Our online experts will assess the usability of your website, and help it to rank higher on Google.

Digital room keys icon

Digital room keys

+ Improved security and no lost keys

We will turn your guest's smartphone into a contactless means of interaction with your hotel.

Individual approach icon

Individual approach

+ Flexibility in your working hours

We will provide a special combination of tools tailored to your individual needs.

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Success Stories

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

Who is the Virtual Office designed for?
The Virtual Office is designed to assist hotels that may struggle with staffing shortages. Our software automates core daily processes, making it particularly useful for businesses that cannot hire additional staff to handle high workloads, as well as for those managing properties remotely.
How will HotelFriend help me reduce costs?
By using the HotelFriend property management system, you can manage your hotel fully remotely, without the need to hire front desk staff. This means you can save money on training new employees and performing administrative tasks, ultimately reducing your overall operating costs.
Do I have to spend all my time at the computer to stay on top of everything?
While the Virtual Office offers flexibility and automation to help you manage your hotel remotely, some level of control is still needed. However, you don't have to spend all of your time at the computer to keep track of everything. For example, the Channel Manager will automatically update rates and availability on OTAs, and booking confirmation emails will be sent automatically as well. Additionally, generating reports will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. If necessary, you can also hire part-time employees to help you manage the hotel with our system.
Is the HotelFriend solution safe for me and my guests?
We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure that both your personal data and that of your guests are protected. Additionally, the guest's credit card information is encrypted to prevent fraud. When it comes to the question of on-site security, you may need to invest in a security system to ensure the physical safety of your guests.
Can you manage my hotel for me?
Our main objective is to simplify and automate hotel management using our property management system. We streamline a variety of processes, including check-in and check-out, facilitate guest communication through automated emails and live chat, provide tools for managing housekeeping tasks, and more. While we don't offer comprehensive management services, we can help optimize various operations to make running your hotel smoother and more efficient.
Will this solution be suitable for my business?
Definitely. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer customized packages for various types of properties, from hotel chains and B&Bs to cruise ships. We'll work with you to identify the features you need and ensure that you have them all. Our partners are innovative companies with cutting-edge digital solutions, such as SALTO for electronic door locks and Stripe for online payment processing.
What am I paying for?
You're paying for the HotelFriend property management system, which streamlines your hotel's workflow and boosts performance. Our system automates many manual processes, freeing up your time and resources to focus on other important tasks.
Our pricing model is transparent and straightforward: you pay a monthly fee that covers all the necessary tools, hosting services, and updates. Our software eliminates the need for multiple hotel team roles, such as IT specialists or front desk agents, which can help keep costs low without compromising your hotel's performance.

HotelFriend Features

Hotel Management


Department Management

Employee Management

Room Management

Hotel Dashboard


Maintenance Management

Mobile Hotel Live Chat

Operations Outsourcing

Task Management

Finance & Payment

Accounting and Document

Payment Management

Reporting System

Booking Balance

Digital Cash Book

Revenue Management

Room Rates

Service Management

Guest Relations

Guest Management

Booking Request, Offer

Self Check-In

Guest Communications

Communication Automation

Digital Marketing

Hotel Website Development

Destination Management

Deal, Package Composer

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