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Hotel POS systems to use in 2021. Choosing the best one for your hotel

Hotel POS systems. How to choose the best one

The process of recording payment transactions between the organization and its clients has always been an integral part of the business. Therefore, in order to ensure that all transactions and information are in a centralized location, point-of-sale, also known as POS system, has been successfully utilized since the end of the 19th century.

Invented in 1879, the first POS systems were often referred to as cash registers. The demand for these systems was based on the idea to stop theft from the staff and customers. Nowadays, these systems are usually used to streamline a variety of operations, including cashless transactions, sales and inventory records tracking, sales strategy improvement by using analytics across hospitality businesses and restaurants, etc.  Such multifunctionality of POS systems has boosted their adoption. According to the Point Of Sale Software Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2020 - 2027, the global point of sale software market size reached $9.3 billion in 2020 and is projected to hit $18.1 billion by 2027.

Thus, with the advancement of POS technology, the scope of functions of traditional cash registers expanded from basically accepting payments.

For instance, the main features of POS systems now include:

● anytime access;
● business growth;
● return policy;
● stock control;
● quick checkout.

Today, they are often used in retail stores, as well as restaurants and hotels.

When it comes to the hotel industry, POS systems can be used to track sales and simplify bookkeeping. Moreover, cash registers are known for a combination of benefits, such as strengthened efficiency, a high-quality stock control system, and considerable optimization of check-out processes. Numerous hotel owners highlight that POS systems are beneficial in terms of customer acquisition and accuracy in accounting.

Currently, there are many POS options on the market, which can be confusing. However, to make your choice easier, we have collected relevant information on the most popular cash register systems in the hotel industry today.

To start with, they fall into two categories: legacy (traditional) POS systems and cloud-based POS systems.

Traditional vs. Cloud-based POS systems

Most often, they store information on a local database and operate on a closed network basis. Presently, traditional POS systems own the majority of the market, which is around 70%. At the same time, these systems show signs of aging, resulting in the inability to meet some current demands.

Taking into consideration that they store data on the online server, there is an opportunity to access any needed information from different devices. In addition, this kind of POS system is associated with easier inventory management and a high level of security.

Here is a brief comparison of traditional and cloud-based POS systems:


Traditional POS

Cloud-based POS

The place where information is stored

In specific computers

In the cloud

Access to the information

From local computer

From any gadget

Type of payment

High one-time payment

Low payments once per month/several months/year

Which hotel POS system to choose in 2021

Here are several kinds of software that you should know about:




Whether you run a small bar or a chain of restaurants in different locations, Eucasost can be considered as a great cash register system for your business. In addition to providing assistance with the process of ordering, the German software offers the opportunity to improve the catering system, as well as information and management systems.

Nowadays, there are several versions of this POS system, which you can use for the business. It is recommended to analyze your daily needs to determine the most suitable type of software for you.

The comparison between the Light and Standard version of Eucasoft is provided below:


EuCaSoft Light

EuCaSoft Standard

Waiter Identification

Waiter Time Recording

Table Reservation

Payment methods

Address Management

Warehouse Access


Currency Control

Back Office Connection

Initially, this POS system was developed by a German company named Itas to satisfy the needs of the catering industry. When you select a specific version of Eucasoft, you will also be able to take advantage of it with the help of additional modules, such as:

● Barcode reader
● Radio cell phones
Hotel software
● In-house credit systems

Also, it is possible to centrally manage several branches with Eucasoft Backoffice. By switching the user interfaces, you will access only those key fields that are actually needed for a certain task. As a result, such a clear structure of the interface prevents potential errors that can significantly affect the quality of provided services.

As an innovative booking and information system, Eucasoft is known in the whole Europe due to a mix of various advantages, including:

1. Simple input via touch display
2. Intuitive and simple operating concept
3. Remote maintenance
4. Warehouse management
5. The opportunity to save valuable time with the short training period for your staff

Considering that Itas has competence centers all over Europe, this organization successfully serves the international market.




From the perspective of German-speaking countries, Vectron is considered one of the best European producers of POS systems. In fact, nearly all trades and company sizes can use an extensive range of POS systems and peripherals offered by Vectron. For instance, the British cinema chain “Odeon Cinemas” and the airport in Prague have been trusting this system when it comes to maintaining their momentum and making sales quickly.

As the market leader for the hospitality and bakery trade, Vectron has employed nearly 180 individuals in the Münster-based head office in order to improve the areas of research and development. In other words, numerous highly qualified specialists take appropriate measures to improve this system on a regular basis.

A total of 25 years of experience have helped Vectron to develop the ability to increase turnover, make workflows more efficient, and simplify control. Moreover, this system is widely known for other benefits, such as:

● Accurate hourly reporting
● Multiple levels of cashier security
● Low failure rate
● Reduced paperwork
● Customized program and faster operation
● Improved customer service and satisfaction

At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the main features of Vectron before selecting it as the POS system for your business. For instance:

1. Vectron has multiple terminals, including waterproof and handheld terminals.
2. The mobile app of this system can be used by admirers of both Android and IOS.
3. There is a wide price range that depends on the selected type of subscription. In case you have a small business, you can save money by selecting a basic package of services.
4. Whether you work in the area of bakeries, hospitality businesses, or hotels, you can still use Vectron in different settings.

If you want to have a direct line to the organization’s support network, you can access a loyalty scheme called bonVito.




If you are looking for a flexible, intuitive to use, and quick to administer cloud-based POS system, you should definitely pay attention to Gastronovi. Today, this system stores all the needed information with daily backups on servers situated in certified German data centers. Headquartered in Bremen, this company has been serving its functions since 2008.

Gastronovi Office features

Cash Management
Employee Management
Inventory Control
Loyalty Program
Separate Checks

Order Management
Customer Database
Reservations Management
Gift Card Management
Real-Time Monitoring

If you select Gastronovi as the main POS system for your business, you can expect to benefit from:

1. Intuitive operation

This feature can help you reduce the time for staff training, as the interface of this cloud-based POS system is very user-friendly. Therefore, your personnel can take the order and transmit it right to the appropriate unit without additional help.

2. Flexible cashing up processes

Gastronovi is known as the system that can be used to improve the cashing up software. For example, it is very easy to work with cancellations and bill splitting with this POS system.

3. Efficient Installation

One of the main advantages of this system is that it can be easily installed and integrated with your current system. Also, there is no limit regarding the number of gadgets that can be connected. Subsequently, you will be able to access your organization's data from essentially anywhere, at any time.

In terms of the hotel industry, this cloud-based system can be used in order to bill all the charges directly to the guest's room. As a result, the quality of all operational processes will be improved.


POS systems play an essential role when it comes to business development, as they help to provide better customer service and reduce revenue losses. In turn, there are numerous POS systems on the market at the moment. Thus, to make sure you select the best cash register for business growth, it is recommended to pay attention to accessibility, analytics, and integration offered by the specific system.

HotelFriend POS

With that said, no matter what system you choose, HotelFriend software can connect to either of them on demand. In addition, we provide Mobile POS for hotels that is compatible with any portable or desktop device and does not require installation. Apart from this, you will not need any equipment, special gadgets, or POS terminals. With our software, you can sell to a vast target audience, enhance their revenue streams, eliminate missed orders, get full control of the ordering or delivery processes, and more. Meanwhile, your customers can get access to all your services or offers immediately and pay for them without registration and much hassle.

We hope the takeaways above will help you make informed decisions.

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