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Product Updates 18.05.2020: orders statistics improvements

Product Updates 18.05.2020:

For Hoteliers

Concierge: added welcome message setting to be displayed in mobile application

● Orders statistics improvements: Total, Completed, Revenue, Paid and Lost by department and by date

● Filters redesigned in Reservations and Orders modules

● Service to Confirm cards in Orders module are now clickable and display Date, Delivery zone, Time to Confirm

● Notifications are now more detailed

● Fixes:

• Layout for an e-mail about new order
• Concierge and Automation modules settings - now based oh hotel rate permissions
• Contact Person is now displayed in paid invoice for company’s booking
• Correct service categories displayed on Create Order modal
• Navigation on Notifications for hoteliers with multiple accommodation facilities
and other fixes...

For HotelFriend Guest Concierge users

● New self-checkout feature:

• from 24 hours before checking out pay your invoices
• request self check-out

New self-checkout Request self check-out
From 24 hours before checking out pay  

● Portfolio categories binding fixed

● Initial date logic fixed(hotel page)

● Service category images binding fixed

● Deals/hotels/tours list image mock added if error

● Images binding fixed(profile, check-in pages)

● Push notifications fixed

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