Product Updates from 30.05.2019: Reports, Prepayment, Guest Balance, Extend Reservation

Product Update from 30.05.2019

For hotels

● New page of the booking with all the necessary information about it in a handy format:

• New concept created - Customer - to denote a person, who made the booking or for whom it was made by the hotelier.

• The hotelier can manually add guests to the booking and edit them.

• All bookings, where the guest was added, are displayed on his/her page.

• Possibility to fill in and view information about the visa of guests added.

• Information about payments and the current booking balance is displayed on the page of the booking.

● Possibility to refill the balance of a booking directly added:

• The hotelier can receive prepayments of any amount of money.

• During the hotel stay, the guest can refill the booking balance to cover current and future expenses.

• If the booking was canceled, the system calculates a cancellation charge automatically excluding the prepayment.

● Invoice for the booking always represents the current balance:

• Possibility to add payments, placed to the balance, to the invoice. They will be included in the total amount.

• After the invoice was paid, it is generated automatically and shows updated information about the payment and the balance.

● Possibility to extend/reduce a booking in the Front Desk by dragging the mouse to the preferred date added.

• The system calculates a new price for the booking automatically if the check-in/check-out date was changed.

• Extending the booking, the guest can choose a new room rate, room type, room number, and a meal type, change information about additional guests for the new period.

● The hotelier can make a refund to the guest anytime and of any amount.

● The hotelier can create a lot of different reports in the PDF: History&Forecast, Cashier Report, Account Balances, Rebate Report, Arrivals Report, Departures Report, Guest in House Report, Cancellations Report, No Shows Report.

• Reports are displayed in a separate side menu.

• Possibility to sort created reports by date and type.

● Payment processing via Stripe is integrated in the system now, and hoteliers can add their Stripe accounts in the settings.

● After the registration of the hotel in the system, the hotelier can set up basic features (rooms, services, deals) with the help of widgets with instructions displayed on the dashboard.

● In the modal window of the booking in the Front Desk, you can find names of the customer and all guests, a number of nights, and a comment to the booking.

● Reorganization of filters on the page of booking.

• The following filters were added: by booking number, booking type, availability of Self Check-In, room type, and room number.

• Other filters are placed in the second row. The system can show them or hide if needed.

● Possibility to show only deals or bookings with Fast Check-in in the Front Desk added.

● Process of adding rooms to the hotel improved: now it is impossible to create two rooms with the same number in the system.

● Localization of the system in Russian and Spanish improved.

● It is possible now to create a registration form using the link on the page of the booking.

Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger

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