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Product Updates v.3.40.0: Onboarding Wizard, Guest/Company card improvements

Product Updates v.3.40.0: Onboarding Wizard, Guest/Company card updates

1. Added the Onboarding Wizard for hotel setting:

a. general hotel info;

general hotel info

b. add room types;
c. add rooms;

add rooms

d. room rates;

room rates

e. taxes;


f. import reservation;

import reservation

g. point of sale. point of sale

2. Hotel Administration:

a. added “SaaS Expired” notification;
b. added filterings.

added filterings

3. Updated management of Guest/Company card:

a. create invoice;
b. create payment;
c. change status.

4. Updated payments for SaaS.

5. Updated menu for hotelier.

Updated menu for hotelier

6. Self Check-in:

a. generate a link for the booking page/link generation for the booking page;
b. send a link in the email/via email to the guest.

7. Fixed issues:

a. the coincidence of the hotel PIN code and the reservation PIN code;
b. link to group booking;
c. view of booking modal form;
d. booking duplicate for WooBook;
e. Management report;
f. Accounting report;
g. duplicate booking creation.

8. New structured search results page

9. iOS: reservation can be added to Apple Wallet from its details page

10. Gallery view added

New structured search Gallery view
Gallery view

11. Minor fixes:

a. success pages; 
b. invoices; 
c. self check-in; 
d. included services pictures on the Deal page; 
e. phone number input.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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