Product Updates v.3.41.0: Missions (System Tours), “Out of Order” / “Out of Service” - room statuses

Product Updates v.3.41.0: Missions, Onboarding Wizard, Reservations

This week, we’re introducing our regular product updates to help customers meet their needs even better. Check out all the details on everything new across HotelFriend software below.

1. Missions: added new “Missions” module with basic tours for better user experience

2. Onboarding Wizard: improved layout and usability for new users

3. Reservations: added ability to change a payer for the individual and group reservations


4. Booking Group: added “Create order overview” action for a group

Booking Group

5. “Out of Order”/“Out Of Service”:

a. the room statuses can be set to “Out of Order” / “Out Of Service” on the Front Desk or in Rooms grid;

b. “Out of service” periods will be shown on Front Desk;

c. added a new “Out of service” tab for listing all the periods, which can be edited or deleted.

6. Invoice: added a new action to send the invoice by e-mail with the link to Stripe payment (if connected)

7. Settings: Legal Info: removed unused fields

Sidebar menu

8. Sidebar menu: “Settings” and “Help” moved to OTHER section

9. Fixed:

a. Management Report: PDF layout, past year data, the average duration of stay;
b. Accounting Report: includes prepayments as a separate category;
c. Page scrolling while submitting a form on sidebar modals;
d. Reservation grid actions hiding;
e. actions all over the system (mobile-friendly).

Stay tuned and keep a close eye on our new product updates!

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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