Service Ordering in Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels during COVID-19 Limitations

Service Ordering in restaurants, bars, and hotels during COVID-19 limitations

Following the reopening plan, restaurants, bars, and hotels can reopen only if they offer curbside and carryout service, as well as stick to the social distancing requirements.

The coronavirus changes the way we live and may stay long after the pandemic is over. The future is still unclear for the hospitality businesses, and the only way out for us is to adapt and survive in an ever-changing post-COVID-19 world. As we have already written in our article on “Essential requirements to reopen your hotel when the pandemic ends several conditions need to be met, namely:

● Receive and process guest orders without personal contact;
● Delivery orders to the hotel room or zone where the guest is located;
● Roll out contactless check-in and out.

The hoteliers that managed to adopt the above-mentioned conditions have been allowed to reopen.

Here is how smooth and efficient order processing runs in HotelFriend Concierge App!


When the order is paid:

● There is QR-code next to the order.
● When an employee brings the order or a guest takes away the order, he/she scans QR-code on iPad.
● The order status will automatically change to "Completed".

After coronavirus, the hospitality businesses understand that it could take a long time for their hotels to get back to normal. Yet, there is an efficient app that can help start again as soon as possible.

Open your hotel today with HotelFriend Solutions!

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