HotelFriend. Software with Empathy

HotelFriend: Software with Empathy

The basis of any great business is the aspiration to make peoples lives better. Save precious time, change annoying circumstances, arouse positive emotions, inspire and accelerate progress. Although HotelFriend is a young company, we are proud that our products are based on this principle. We continuously ask ourselves how to address all the problems a hotelier might face in the increasingly digital world. How to create amazing simplicity for users with all the sophistication of modern technology. How to help them achieve desired results with minimum efforts. Thanks to our team's relentless desire to be in the vanguard, their creativity, and expertise, we always find the answers.

Being in close touch with our clients and partners, we understand what you need as a hotelier, and HotelFriend software delivers!
Be better than other hotels the keywords are "digital" and "personalized". Thrill your guests with a cool app and great care.
Get things done quickly our system does not hang, we don't know what "slow" means.
Get things done at a reasonable price select the automation tools that are adequate for your type of property among our solutions. A fair price for something that can add value to your business.
Keep it simple there is no 100-page manual for our products. Your employees can master it in no time. As for the interface, it is not user-friendly, it is user-motherly.
Keep everything under control even if your property is huge with numerous employees, housekeeping, accounting, and other processes are perfectly organized.
Eliminate errors rate and availability synchronization on different distribution channels, payment processing, handling orders - we know where problems might occur and safeguard you against them.
Make the most of your property it is a pity if your amazing facilities stand idle. With our Fast Lane technology, make your restaurant and spa full of visitors and your conferenced hall booked a few months ahead.
Get a stable revenue throughout the year manage rates, compose deals, sell extra services with our smart tools to make any season high.
Motivate your employees automation reduces mundane tasks, eliminates stress, and prevents burnout. Personnel can work less but more effectively.
Have your data secure thanks to advanced cloud technologies, your precious data are reliably protected against virus attacks.
Never be left alone with your issues whatever comes up, we are always there for you to provide qualified support.

We want to be your true Friend. Contact us and share what you would like to improve in your hotel, and we will find a solution together.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench


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