HotelFriend CEO Denis Severyuk answers the most important questions about the product

HotelFriend CEO Denis Severyuk answers the most important questions about the product

HotelFriend is a hotel software company specializing in the digitization of the hotel industry. Since the beginning of 2018, HotelFriend has been supplying the hospitality industry with new and innovative products.

  • 💬 What do you see as the main advantages of your software?

- The hotel industry is in an indispensable digitization process. If possible, guests want to avoid any waiting time and organize all travel details online in advance. The main focus of HotelFriend lies on guest satisfaction. Therefore, we came up with solutions for these problems. Using state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies, we have digitized manual and time-consuming processes such as fast mobile check-in. This saves time and spares the nerves of the guest who now no longer have to wait in lines after a long journey to the hotel. Our cloud PMS System is thus not only a win for the guest, but also for the hotelier. As the hotelier now requires fewer staff, which is an immense advantage given the current shortage of skilled workers and spares resources such as paper and printer ink. The feedback that hoteliers give us about our software is of utmost importance to us when it comes to the further development of our products. This way, we are able to not only keep our software up-to-date with the latest technological developments but also to constantly adapt it to the changing customer needs.

  • 💬 What makes your company special?

- We developed an all in one solution, which means that we provide one platform with all the products that cover and automate the essential work areas of a hotel. Thus, hoteliers no longer have to select single programs from different providers to cover all their needs and save IT costs. In addition, our focus lies on guest satisfaction. That's why we came up with a completely new form of guest interaction. With our products, hotel guests can make bookings and services outside of their stay, for example, prior to arrival. Moreover, we have innovated the booking process with intelligent software and are constantly striving to expand our network of partners and customers to other countries in order to continuously incorporate new perspectives into our business model.

  • 💬 What do you want to achieve with your product?

- At HotelFriend, we aim to make the guests’ stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With the help of our products, guests can easily plan their entire vacation with their smartphones. For the hotelier, our product means the digitization of all internal work processes of the hotel business. That simplifies the everyday life of hotel employees and creates transparency in the company. Because our tools create a platform on which all employees can see their tasks and fulfill them effectively.

  • 💬 Where is it used?

- Our software is especially popular with hotels that value the satisfaction of their guests. The handling of our versatile software is so intuitive that it can be used by any company that wants to exploit its full potential.

  • 💬 What will the future look like?

- The hotel industry is constantly evolving. Soon there will be platforms that not only safe the standard hotel data, like the current OTA systems, but focus primarily on the hotel's service offering and offer personalized travel packages based on these services and individual preferences of the guest. This approach can already be found in the event and experience industry, where there are very well-functioning solutions, and the service on-site plays a more significant role than the overnight stay itself. Thus, the search for the right hotel and the booking process will no longer be the most crucial and time-consuming part of your vacation planning. Through technology, this process becomes redundant. With the help of more detailed data instead of the standard data, the customer is presented with a customized offer. Thus, the often-burdensome search which can take up hours of effort is reduced to a minimum.


Denis Severyuk

Today more than ever, one must not fight the process of digitization, but must recognize and use it as a promising path.

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