How to Improve Upselling in a Hotel - 4 Ways to Succeed

How to improve upselling in a hotel - 4 ways to succeed

There are a lot of upselling tactics allowing to increase revenue in a hotel. The secret of success lies in the fact that the hotelier always should keep the client’s interests in mind and understands his or her way of thinking. Only in this case, the hotel has a chance to enhance its upselling.

1. Improve Booking Possibilities of Guests

This means step-by-step upgrading: the guest is offered to get additional services and amenities only after booking a room and at a rate within the limits established by the hotel. An important detail is that the hotel reserves the right to accept or decline the amount of money proposed by the customer. What pros does this tactic give you? First of all, the room prices will be lower what enhances the possibility to attract more visitors to the hotel and hence to decrease the level of non-occupancy. In other words, it is a great chance to expand the client base and to extract a higher revenue. Secondly, the customers will feel more content if they can upgrade their rooms at a discounted price by choosing available amenities (like jacuzzi, balcony etc.).

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 2. Let the Client Choose a Room

It seems that such a decision will cause a lot of mess in your business but actually it won’t. Some hotels put room descriptions and photos side-by-side on our app in order for the customer to be able to compare them and choose the most suitable one. With the help of guest profiles, it is possible to analyze the guest’s preferences and to offer them their favorite amenities the next time they book a room. This way you are likely to enhance your upselling.

 3. Take Your Time - Make an Offer at the Right Moment 

It is better to offer the clients additional features like breakfast or vouchers right before their arrival. When searching for a room people concentrate on this process and are more likely to decline extra perks. Receiving an email with tempting accommodation upgrades right before starting the journey the guest is more likely for example to pay for parking by the hotel than when reserving this offer while booking the room. As it is a well-known fact that people spend less money on one major purchase than on several small purchases.

 4. Target is Detected: Smartphone

According to a study carried out by Google, the majority of search requests are made from mobile gadgets. While sitting in a train or a cafe, talking with friends, people perform the whole pre-travel process on their smartphones: searching for information, booking accommodation, buying tickets etc. It seems to be quite simple and quickly but usually it takes a great deal of time to scour the web and plan a trip.

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To make the client’s life easier, HotelFriend has developed a special application, with the help of which the guest can book not only a suitable room, but also additional services offered by the hotel and is even able to leave a comment or a specific request. As an example, for these upsell extra opportunities: a glass of fresh apple juice in the morning or at arrival or a relaxing massage and after that visiting some museums all booked with our app.


One more useful advantage of the HotelFriend concierge app is the possibility of minute-by-minute planning of the entire travel: check-in, activities (spa treatments etc.), check-out. The customers can see their schedules and expenses clearly and are able to make some changes or even cancel services at any time. Moreover, the app constantly maintains a direct connection between the hotelier and the guest.

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The recipe for success in upselling is the satisfaction of the client, of course, and to give your guests the feeling that your hotel tries its best to provide great conditions for a perfect vacation and not just to increase revenue. In no case, the customer should be overtaxed with offers, perks, and services just right after he has booked an accommodation. Give your visitors the possibility to see available rooms, to compare them and to choose the most suitable accommodation for them. If you do this, you will see positive results very soon and of course an enhance in your upselling.

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