Product updates from 10.04.2018

Product updates from 10.04.2018

To make your experience with our product even better and more comfortable, we bring updates of our portal on a regular basis, improving its speed and reliability.

Portal updates

The latest portal updates available from 10.04.2018 include the following developments:

  • 🔵 Easy-to-search database with fast switch between the hotels (for the multiple hotel owners).

  • 🔵 Added Room Rate button in the hotel settings, which allows a flexible setup of the pricing policies as well as possibility to set standard room prices, room prices for certain periods of time and additional prices for children and adults:

    Room Rate button - HotelFriend Portal
    Room Rate setup - HotelFriend Portal
    Room rate setup process - HotelFriend Portal
  • 🔵 Added Placement/Rate button in the settings which allows using the most convenient way of room pricing.

  • 🔵 Room rate choosing while doing a reservation.

  • 🔵 Automatically updated room rate while creating the new room type.

  • 🔵 Possibility to choose pricing policy for the children of different ages in the hotel settings.

  • 🔵 Added multicurrency - now you have the possibility to choose a preferred currency for your hotel and create invoices for guests in the currency of their countries according to the European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rate for the current day:

    Multicurrency - HotelFriend Portal
  • 🔵 The rate of value added tax in the guest’s invoice in the chosen currency to each element.

  • 🔵 Reminders for department managers about booked services and a special reminder fifteen minutes prior to the service delivery.

    Learn more about HotelFriend software

  • 🔵 Automatically created record about the received invoice of all orders and reservations of the guest that have not been paid yet.

  • 🔵 All new comments and notifications about services are gathered in one menu item “Notifications”:

    Notifications - HotelFriend Portal
  • 🔵 Displayed photo of the guest in all ordered services.

  • 🔵 Displayed all new orders or orders that should be delivered today:

    All orders - HotelFriend Portal
    Orders today - HotelFriend Portal
  • 🔵 Improved design of the system notifications.

  • 🔵 Possibility to receive order payment for the certain service among the list of other services.

Check the updated portal to see all the latest improvements and available features. 💻

Website updates

We improved user experience on the website and changed following:

  • 🔷 Added customer support live chat:

    Live chat HotelFriend
  • 🔷 improved pages loading speed;

  • 🔷 added cookies policy notification;

  • 🔷 back button added in service card (appears after pressing "show more" button);

  • 🔷 for your convenience, we added bread crumbs to the blog so that you can always easily navigate the menu;

  • 🔷 little bugs fixed.

Public relations: Stephanie Moench

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