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Product Updates 27.03.2020: orders autocomplete by scanning QR-code

Product Updates 27.03.2020:

For Hoteliers

● Hotel employees, who use system in mobile browsers, can autocomplete orders by scanning QR-code from guest’s “HotelFriend - travel deals” mobile app (only if the feature included to hotel rate):

• Orders: added button for scanning QR-code (if system was opened in mobile browser)
• After scanning QR-code order page opens with order status set to “Complete”

● Guests module renewed:

• Guests list UI reworked

• Added guest’s Online status

• Added new guest statuses: VIP, Black list, Active, Not Active, which can be set on the list or on the guest’s card

● Renewed Booking Engine Settings

Reservations: improved layout responsiveness

● Various bugs fixed, layout improved

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